AFL International Cup: South Africa v Fiji

Noel McPhee took in the joy and enthusiasm of South Africa and Fiji’s encounter at the St Mary’s ground.

Triumph Over Adversity – The Spirit Of Our Game

Wesley Hull’s account of how difficult it has been to fly the Australian Rules flag in a South African village called Bodibe.

South African Lions in International Cup Buildup in Jamestown

Last week the South African Lions AFL team came to Jamestown in the mid-north of South Australia, to begin their preparation for the International Cup in Melbourne this week. James Lang tells how they inspired the community, and the community inspired them.

Jamestown, a new home for the South African Lions Footy Team?

AFL South Africa boasts over 20,000 participants. As James Lang reports, two of the best are spending 2013 in rural South Australia in an exchange program that’s about more than just footy.