Round 5 – West Coast v Greater Western Sydney: Royal Command Performance

Our Royal Watcher in Perth took in some football royalty with HRH Prince Harry as his Eagles put the pitiful GWS minnows to the sword.

The Round V Pre Wrap: “Never hit a man with glasses, and never hit a drunk. As tempting as it might be.”

Mr Wrap is back with his Round V prognostications. Does this make his Striped Marvels good things over the Handbags at the Paddock that Grew tomorrow?

Round 5 Preview – The Spots don’t Change

Sal Ciardulli offers his weekly insights into the winners, losers, certainties and maybes in Round 5. His heart (and money) is with his Blues (if not Mick) against the old enemy tonight.

AFL, NRL and Nags previews

Some previews from the experts at TattsBet.

AFL Round 5: The View from Shepparton

The View from Shepparton is bleak following the local cannery’s decision to slash its local pear and peach intake, says Peter Schumacher.

AFL Round 5 – preview: Time to sook up!

Don’t be afraid to sook; to blubber; to shed a tear. Sal Ciardulli, who has a new poster boy in Brendon Goddard, has been doing it all week.