AFL Round 23: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher says if Brisbane can almost beat Geelong then Freo must be a big chance. Here is his summary of the round.

AFL Round 23 – Fearless: X Files Round…cos the truth is out there…

Fearless gives his usual summary of a round that sees his Roos just miss out on the finals.

Round 23 and other anomalies (from a pumped Bluebagger)

For once Barb Smith is grateful for the Essendon Football Club. She spends no time thinking about James Hird – now that the Blues are in the finals.

AFL Round 23 – The Wrap: Journey’s end for some; the start for others

The Wrapcave is alive with the sounds of Round 23 as he mournfully puts to bed the under-achievers, the old and weary, and honesty in football admin. He is looking forward to September, anointing the Mayblooms as TTTBFTF.