Round 18 Preview – Not a Goodes Week

Wise (old?) owl Sal Ciardulli comments on the Goodes affair and gives his tips for Round 18 in the AFL.

AFL Round 18 Part 1 Preview – ’tis the time of the season.

Sal Ciardulli honours the retiring champs and ponders his Blues recruiting and trading follies. Likely winners, odds and value tips for the first half of Round 18 are contemplated.

I’m gonna win in Sin City

Matt Watson is on a roll and he’s comin’ to Sin City (Etihad) to roll the dice for Fingers Freddy Scott and his Kangaroos. Hope he doesn’t do a Reverse Russ (or bump into Litza).

AFL Round 18 – Preview: Getting serious

John Harms looks at a round where things are starting to really matter.