AFL Round 17 – North Melbourne v St Kilda – The Dal Santo-Delaney Medal

Rob Chanter glories in being lost in a sea of Blue and White in Tassie, tasting Cygnet curried scallop pies and finding his ‘temporarily’ lost boys. Is it better to shelter from the wind or the rain at Bellerive?

AFL Round 17 – Essendon v Collingwood: Cruisin’

Sam takes the pirate boat through a storm to Koh Rong in Cambodia. Any anxiety is calmed by frequent updates about his Bombers demolition of the Magpies.

AFL Round 17 – Sydney v Carlton: Musings of a Green Thumb

Joe Moore is establishing a new garden at his Hobart home. His Sydney Swans will flower like Joe’s garden in the spring.

AFL Round 17 – Melbourne v Geelong: The year of not living dangerously

Wally ventures to the MCG to watch his Demons take on the Cats. He consoles himself that the company and drinks were enjoyable, and the Demons 120 points better than 3 years ago.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: Hawks win Battle of the Birds

Jeremy Hill offers an unbiased analysis of the Friday night game between the Hawks and Crows. Jack Gunston was not feeling the love at Adelaide Oval.

AFL Round 17 – North Melbourne v St.Kilda: A Funny Thing happened on the way to the…..

Yvette Wroby reveals the history of the Scottish isle of St Kilda, and converts an American friend into a one-eyed Saints supporter. There was a game played on Saturday afternoon, but that is insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

AFL Round 17 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: The Butterfly’s Wing

Rick Kane reports from the Spotted Mallard on his Hawks convincing win over the Crows. Was ordering a Hawthorn Amber Ale at the 17 minute mark of the last quarter responsible for 2 late Adelaide goals?

AFL Round 17 – The Wrap: The Day of Infamy round

To Buddy or not to Buddy – that is the question, to some extent, bothering The Hawks. But could it be like The Tiges and RICHO? Their forward line functions better now without THE BIG FELLA than it did with him.

The View from Shepparton: A dearth of cricket talent

England, smash us in the cricket, we can cop that, but please don’t patronise us. That really hurts.

AFL Round 17 – The Pre-Wrap: The Day of Infamy round

The Wrapster made a pledge not to mention peptides or lost points until the Ayatollah got back. Well, he’s back. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that things out at Whingy Hill aren’t as clear cut as some of the Bomberland spruikers would have us believe

AFL Round 17 – Preview: To err is human

Tonight’s game is the clash of the disappointments for 2013. North go in as favourites over their Navy Blue bunny. Since the 1995 preliminary final, North have only lost 6 games to the Blues, and only twice since 2005.

Should’ve, could’ve, didn’t … again

Round 17 was another round of “should’ve, could’ve but DIDN’T” for the St. Kilda Football Club. Schneider SHOULD’VE kicked that goal, Rooey SHOULD’VE taken that mark, Kosi COULD’VE run harder at the ball. But they DIDN’T.

From the NT to the MCG and back again

By Paul Thomson Whether we like it or not, the Melbourne Football Club’s decision to recruit Liam Jurrah has certainly not followed the paths that we are used to in the footy world. Regardless of the Demons’ results for the rest of 2012, the Jurrah story, as it unfolds, potentially has the capability to educate [Read more]

The Personal Touch

One of the things I really enjoy about footy is those personal rivalries. Its one thing sticking it up some random in the crowd but I find it far more satisfying engaging with The Enemy supporters in a bit of banter one-on-one. Even in Sydney, where I’m outnumbered by a whole raft of Hawks, Blues [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Seventeen

Greetings Tipsters And then there were three. No, there are still four but the 4&20s are looking a bit wobbly. The Buck blames Trav for denaturing the brand but it runs a bit deeper than that. For the shiniest exemplar of the brand, beyond all the T-shirts and stickers and kids in schoolyards, is the [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XVII

THE WRAP – ROUND XVI WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Handbags were loaded with house bricks on Friday night as The Guccis consolidated their place in September, while at the same time questioning The Bombers’ September credentials.  On Saturday it was Collingwood’s turn to have their [Read more]

This Queensland Life

Going to Queensland changes your life. It is different, and you live differently. Footy is different here. We have been up here for a few days; we’re having a lovely time, but a different time. Most of this is very, very good. And we love it. Collingwood, for example, do not appear to be as [Read more]

Anyone for Buffalo Wings?

Shalom one and all, Not much news on the footy front this week – at least for a Carlton supporter.  Ahhh the “Brian” Judd case, I have espoused my views to many of you so won’t regurgitate that except to say that “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”.  The circus around the [Read more]