Round 16 Preview – The Magic has Gone?

Sal previews a big Round 16 and farewells a champion of the game in Cyril Rioli.

AFL Round 16 – Its a Crackin’ Cracker!

SidecarDixieJ says “I’m excited” with his comprehensive preview of an “anything could happen” AFL Round 16.

Round 16 Preview – A bit of Crowding Control please?

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AFL Round 16 Preview: Sal, sun, song in Saigon

Sal Ciardulli is sipping cocktails on the verandah of the Hanoi Hilton, but he hasn’t forgotten to enlighten tipsters with his views on the likely winners and losers in Round 16.

AFL Round 16 – Preview: Explain to me the Maths of getting beaten time and time again but remaining the best team in the competition

John Harms tries to make sense of the 2013 season, again.