AFL Round 12 – Review: The 2063 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Earl O’Neill doesn’t have much faith in the new Melbourne rebuild, as this glimpse into the crystal ball will show.

AFL Round 12 – Review: Role models, Warner and Gallen

Paul Thomson warns Warner he is in danger of becoming the court jester of Australian cricket, the joke that no one quite got.

AFL Round 12 Review: The Wrap

What do last year’s Windy Hill experiments mean for future father-son selections at Windy Hill, asks The Wrapster, and has the no holds barred umpiring gone too far? (This coming from The Wrapster – Ed.)

AFL Round 12 – Preview: The Pre-Wrap

The Wrap gives his pre-season appraisal, as well as his usual infallible tipping guide to Round 12.

AFL Round 12 Preview: Just a Suburban Boy

Sal Ciardulli produces report cards for those on holiday this week (including Dave Warner).

The Wrap – Round XII: Where lift imitates football

And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Eagles saw off a spirited Bluebagger Challenge to return to the Top of The Ladder, and The Feeling Faints fall just short of a famous Victory in The City of Churches.  The Tiges had to win in torrid conditions up in Sin City, and The [Read more]

And never the seasons shall meet

Greetings again to all, Much talk over the last couple of days regarding extending the season to allow the players to have two byes during the season and this is to come at the expense of Cricket Victoria giving up its claim to the MCG for the potential to host the Sheffield Shield final.  Anyone [Read more]

The true measure

Stats seem to be the key in the professional footy world right now but quite frankly the sheer amount of gibberish being hammered home of late has turned my mind to jelly. And are they measuring the right thing? It’s all well and good to concentrate on a player’s work rate and inside leg measurement [Read more]