AFL Round 11 2014 Reports

All the reports from Round 11 2014.

The Fearless Files – AFL Round 11: OK…Indigenous round and we’re back to nine games a week

Paul “Fearless” Thomson nominates the best jumpers for the Indigenous Round (and the worst teams on the field – ouch!)

AFL Round 11: Coleman’s Likes and Dislikes

Carl Coleman lives in Copenhagen. Footy moves him to an original quasi-poetic form of reflection. [Tell us more about your lot in life CC. Why Copenhagen? – Ed]

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Gold Coast: Tex Rules

Malcolm Ashwood runs the Rulebook over the Crows defeat of the Suns. The return of Tex Walker has given the Crows a new potency.

AFL Round 11 – West Coast v North Melbourne: Dumb as Dirt; Weak as Water

Peter Baulderstone writes from the Graylands psychiatric ward on the ‘performance’ of his Eagles against the Kangaroos.

The Round 11 Post Wrap: The Bloodbath Round

Its the Bloodbath Round for Mr Wrap as finals pretenders show their true colours, and Tigers, Blues and Eagles fans ‘fess up to the awful truth about their teams.

AFL Round 11 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Gathering storm

Wild horses wouldn’t drag David Wilson to Docklands, unless they were accompanied by golden syrup dumplings and the rest of the circus troupe. Still he settled in with Bruce, Dennis and the two Buds to watch proceedings.