AFL Fans Association (AFLFA) Press Release: Fans should be consulted on the 2017 fixture

As the AFL prepare the fixture for the 2017 season, fans are looking to have their say. Cheryl Critchley has sent us the AFL Fans’ Association press release.

Injustice: Port was done over

Port supporter Peter Fuller on reviewing Port’s season has come to the conclusion that the fixture influenced the ladder order.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round 7

And this week’s winner for most ground-breaking, speculative piece… Earl O’Neill puts in his two cents on, well, everything from Neale Daniher to the proposed new fixture system.

Has the AFL Missed a Chance to Attract New Fans?

Paul Spinks thinks the AFL may have missed a promotional opportunity to show off the indigenous football code during the final weeks of the cricket World Cup. Have other codes stolen a march?

The AFL fixture is doing my head in

Peter Stewart has a crack at fixing the inequities in the AFL fixture.

Fix the fixture – stop the season-rigging

Sunday Morning Coming Down An even competition needs a fair fixture – not season rigging. In the past decade or so the fact that the fixture has been hopelessly unfair hasn’t mattered that much. The best teams have finished in pretty much the correct order anyway. This season it is all different. Who has played [Read more]

AFL Fixture Discussion

The fixture for 2012 is now released. (Remember, it’s a fixture, not a draw). Here it is: So who’s happy and who’s not? North supporters, please form an orderly queue. Cue jokes about Collingwood and the MCG. You all know the drill…

Playing finals football: how to make your head hurt.

  by Antony Ugoni From the outset I should declare my love of the format of the final 8. It has everything I could hope for in a finals system. That is   Rewards for finishing close to the top of the eight. Teams in positions 1 to 4 earn either a week’s rest or [Read more]

A draw or a Fixture by John Sandy

  Some months ago when stuck in a car with three kids on the road to nowhere I bored my wife by creating a couple of possible options for ‘the league’ to create a fair and transparent fixture draw that was based on a formula depending on where teams finished the previous season.   A [Read more]

AFL Fixture Options

All AFL fans (possibly excepting those whose world view is black and white) agree that the current season fixture is unfair and outmoded. 22 games divided by 18 teams does not produce an equitable outcome. Broadly speaking, there are 3 viable alternatives, which I will briefly analyse. The first is elegant in its simplicity, eminently [Read more]

A Fixturing Fix

It seems that lately the AFL draw has become public enemy number one. Apparently, a system that consistently delivers the best 8 teams of the season to the finals is deeply flawed because each side doesn’t play each other an equal number of times. On the face of it this is a logical argument. If [Read more]

Time for a new AFL Draw

By Robert Dalton With the expansion of the AFL to embrace even more interstate teams, it is high time to re-think the draw and extend the football season, perhaps by eliminating the NAB Cup for starters. In the days of the old VFL it was a fair draw as all teams played each other twice [Read more]

2011 AFL Fixture Discussion

The AFL have just released the full fixture for next season. Fuller examination will doubtless reveal many sub-plots and sub-texts, but initial points to catch the eye: As usual, Collingwood have less opportunity to accumulate frequent flyer points than other teams- cue traditional arguments over this issue. West Coast and Freo will now be playing [Read more]