A Fan’s Delusion Takes Up Residence With A Real-Life Dilemma

Gregor Lewis relives his Hawks nail-biting Preliminary Final win over Port Adelaide. What will it mean for the Grand Final? It’s all a question of identity – for his Hawks and for his mum.

Preliminary Final Preview – It’s People’s Round

Our Foreteller of fates, Sal Ciardulli, tips a Silent Achiever on the weekend (Kangaroos omen?) and Happy Trails for the Hawkers on their way to another Grand Final.

AFL Semi Final – Geelong v North Melbourne: The Man On The Moon

Dips O’Donnell had an encounter with greatness on the weekend. Unfortunately it was provided by meeting an astronaut and not his Cats.

AFL Semi Finals Post Wrap – The Then There Were Four Round

Mr Wrap tells it like it was as he surveys the weekend’s Semi Finals games. Port Adelaide remind him of Tommy Hafey’s 1967 Tigers (any excuse for the TLSPRF – Ed.)

AFL Semi Final – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: The Unvarnished Truth

Docker Sean Gorman mans up and tells it like it was. How did the Dockers lose the unlosable election? How did Port roll back the stone and create a Second Coming? Sean reveals all.

AFL Semi Final – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: Abra-cadabra

David Wilson finds that reality interferes with footy, just as Fremantle did. Magic happens.

Revenge: The Rematches

Gregor Lewis riffs on REVENGE and how it will motivate the remaining teams in the AFL Finals, just as it will today’s Mayweather – Maidana boxing rematch.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: #woohooandaboutbloodytime

Rick Kane curses the curse that was Jeff Kennett, and then (rashly?) goes on to wave the “Mission Accomplished” banner after his Hawks beat their ancient nemesis Geelong in the Qualifying Final.

AFL Qualifying Final – Sydney v Fremantle: Noah, The Messiah and There is only one Kepler Bradley!!

Di Waddingham journeyed to ANZ Stadium to see the world through purple-coloured glasses, and while her Dockers were brave the travel and injuries caught up with them. Di is still keeping the dream alive.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: Let It Rain

Hawks man Paul Campbell relives their Qualifying Final win over the Cats, and relates it to streaks, curses and myths in sport down the ages.

The Pre Wrap: Semi Final Weekend

Mr Wrap runs the ruler over the AFL semis and finds the favourites frail and fallible. He has scoured the nation for the sound of a happy team singing “Tigerland” and brings you his Mid Gippsland GF report from Mirboo North.

Sal’s Semi-Final Preview – and the foray at Flemington

From Fremantle to Flemington to the ‘G, Sal Ciardulli has the answers to all the weekend contests being played out on green turf.

AFL Qualifying Final – Sydney v Fremantle: Voltaren and Victory

Joe Moore was laid up with a bad back, but his Swans carried him over the couch in a bone jarring clash with the Fremantle Dockers.

AFL Elimination Final – North Melbourne v Essendon: The Eight Stages of a Finals Win

Kangaroos diehard Smokie Dawson takes us through all the stages of anticipation, helplessness and euphoria that were part of his Saturday night at the MCG.

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: Ghost of a Mission Accomplished

Mick Gwyther denies that the woollen beanie is only for the crazy, except when his Hawks are well clear of Geelong in the final quarter of a final.

AFL Elimination Final – North Melbourne v Essendon: BQuaD resurrects Troo Roos

Mick Gwyther is our man on the spot among the Kangaroos faithful on Saturday night. He has generously reinstated the 6 players and coaches sacked at half time.

AFL Elimination Final – Port Adelaide v Richmond: After 3,942 days

Dan Hansen thanks Troy Chaplin for finally contributing to a Port Adelaide win. He thinks the prison bars guernsey gives ordinary men superhuman powers.

The Post Wrap – Finals Week 1: The ‘Then There Were Six’ Round

Mr Wrap’s usual peerless review of the weekend’s games. He says his Tigers loss to the Tealers was just a flesh wound. He is more concerned about the prospects of the Mauve Miasma and the Pivotonians. The Flying Syringes got what was coming.

AFL Qualifying Final – Sydney v Fremantle: Captain Kirk’s homecoming

Chris Bracher journeyed to Homebush to see his Swans take on the Dockers in a Qualifying Final. He doesn’t think Brett Kirk looks right in purple – or glasses.

AFL Elimination Final – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Tiger fans look away…

Jeremy Hill records the Port Adelaide prison bars slaughter of the toothless Tigers.