An Innocent Abroad

Jason McNeil journeyed down from Brisbane for a sporting weekend. He got both the Cats and the Storm beaten within 24 hours. Harms has had him deported and Dips has withdrawn his passport. Jason is a welcome addition to Almanac ranks.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: Class of 2013

Class of 2013, please be seated. Mr Judd, Henderson, Jamison, Walker, Murphy, Simpson and Robinson may leave the room. Last week I was ambivalent about the class’ attendance in the end of year celebrations. This week, I’m just very, well, as you can see I have my angry face on. Students, if the lucky dip [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 2 – Preview: Predictable? Or otherwise?

John Harms opts for predictable games this weekend. But he was 1 from 4 last week – saved from a duck egg by Carlton.