AFL Finals – Week 2: The View From Shepparton

So the home teams won. Fair enough so they should have. I bet that if these games had been held in Perth, Adelaide would have most likely been beaten but in fairness to the Pies, given their extremely impressive away record, just possibly.   I make this point because I reckon that whilst it is [Read more]

AFL Finals – Week 2: The Wrap’s Last Four Standing

WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Barry Crockers started off like a German Band and finished with a dirge.  They’ll probably say it wasn’t a cause, but there’s a fair bit of travelling in there, and they probably only slept in their own bed two or three [Read more]

AFL Finals – Week 2: Collingwood v West Coast

Better seats this week. After being behind the point post in the Ponsford stand last week we are in the Olympic Stand between the centre and the 50m line at the Punt Road end. 30 rows from the fence on the bottom level. Happy with this, always prefer to sit somewhere between the two 50m [Read more]

The Pre Wrap – Week II

For The Philosophical Marngrook Fan And what week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  But the biggest news would have to have come from the Bourse.  Singlehandedly, the Geelong Football Club has turned the Global Financial Crisis on its head.  Gucci & Prada have recorded record sales and the sales through Ladies Accessories have saved both [Read more]

Finals: Harms with some thoughts on the weekend’s footy

Harms with a few thoughts on this cracking weekend of footy. Twitter:  John Harms@ratherbeatlunch