Almanac Footy: The AFL’s ‘missionary’ work

Punxsutawney Pete discusses and succinctly presents his viewpoints on many of the issues surrounding the expansion of the AFL into non AFL areas through the creation of new teams and vast amounts of money spent promoting Aussie rules.

Almanac Exclusive: 20th AFL team bids revealed

Always first with breaking news, The Footy Almanac exclusively reveals the bidding teams for the AFL’s 20th licence.

Footy With the Sound Turned Down

It’s time for the AFL to stop building its empire and to return a bit of soul to the game, writes Andrew Starkie.

AFL bites the bullet

In a bid to finally fix the inequity of the fixture – where 18 teams play 22 rounds – the AFL has bitten the bullet and will embark on the most sensible option. It will introduce five more teams. Commercial realties dictate a 22-round season must be maintained. Except for this year, when a 23-round [Read more]

The Winds of Economic Change

  These are turbulent times in the global economy. Depending on who you listen to, we are still in the midst of the GFC; or, the GFC ended but we are now on the cusp of GFC Mark II; China’s growth is either teetering or marching on; and the European sovereign debt crisis is threatening [Read more]

Footy’s Final Frontier

The AFL’s relentless push into new territory is a little bit reminiscent of the Americans planting a stars and stripes flag on the surface of the moon. Boldly going where no code has gone before, whether you like it or not. Outer space is pretty much the only region that hasn’t yet felt the sensation [Read more]