David Dunbar: A coaching life that continues.

David Dunbar has had a long and extensive career involved in many facets of football coaching as Lynda Carroll explains.

AFL 2019: What happens when you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete in the AFL?

An unpredictable season? Having trouble with your tipping? David Bruce suspects the AFL’s suite of rule changes has effectively hit Control-Alt-Delete on proceedings.

Being a good coach – the possibility of being both good player and coach

Following examinations of Premiership coaches Luke Beveridge and Alastair Clarkson, Yoshi explores the possibility of great players blossoming into good coaches.

Being a good coach – Luke Beveridge

Following his astute assessment of Alastair Clarkson, Yoshi has now provided thoughtful insight into Premiership Coach Luke Beveridge.

Being a good coach – Alastair Clarkson

During his Almanac off season, Yoshi (our Japanese correspondent) follows the incredible rise of Alastair Clarkson, from average midfielder to four-time premiership coach and a place among the greats of Australian Football.

Ox, Earth, slow, patient: How has M Malthouse done it? And what has he done?

E. Regnans speculates about the career of Mick Malthouse, trying to make sense of it from the grandstand, while considering the place of longevity, and records themselves.

Crio’s Q? – What do you actually expect from your coach?

A beauty of a question from Crio this week. There’s the old footy maxim: It’s easier to sack one coach than 18 players and a recruiting office. Are we expecting too much of the men in the coaching hot-seat? At what point does a holistic analysis of coaching performance come into play?

Coaching a Young Club from the Bench

While coaching from the sidelines is de-riguer in the NFL, suburban footy and world soccer, opinions in the AFL world are still divided on the effectiveness of coaches calling the shots from the boundary line versus coaching from an elevated vantage point in the stands. Yoshi weighs in with some thoughts on where best to coach elite players from.

AFL Coaches and Technology

Yoshi Imagawa is interested in the different technologies that coaches deploy to communicate or capture match stats. Phone or headset? Paper or tablet? Boomer or Gen X?

Sydney Swans: Inhaling too much?

Stuart Hunter has a theory (or ten) for why his Sydney Swans have started poorly. Has too much inside knowledge about the Swans been traded to other clubs? Or has Stuart been inhaling dangerous chemicals?

Sunday Morning Coming Down

2012 was total football The modern coach doesn’t flirt with form, they answer journalists’ questions truthfully or not at all, they control what can be controlled, they enact a strategy. The media don’t like this. They can’t acknowledge that for players, the contest is just a relentlessly, moment by moment battle. A zazen state where [Read more]