Footy is back soon – What Yoshi missed, got and had to hold on in the last three months

Yoshi relates what life has been like for him, work and sporting wise, in Japan during Covid-19 restrictions for the past three months. He’s excited footy is back. [So are we Yoshi! Ed]

Yoshi interviewed by AFL Asia for their podcast

Footy Almanac Japanese correspondent Yoshi has been interviewed in a podcast by AFL Asia about his interest and involvement in Aussie Rules footy.

Round 11 – St Kilda v Port Adelaide: More than a losing game

Yoshi is becoming an internationally famous St Kilda supporter, recognised across the planet. This is his story of the Saints game in Shanghai where he got to chat with Saint Nick.

World Footy: Yoshi steps out for the Hong Kong Dragons in Shanghai

In Shanghai for the Saints v Power game, Yoshi also had a full itinerary of socialising and playing footy for the Hong Kong Dragons. (I’m tired just reading this schedule – Ed).

Osaka Dingoes’ IMPACT Anzac Day Cup 2019

Anzac Day footy also featured in Japan. Yoshi’s Osaka Dingoes participated in the IMPACT Anzac Day Cup, played between teams from Japan and China.

Football and Passion: The inspiring story of Barry Anderson

Passion and footy go hand in hand for Yoshi – and for all of us really, but the story of AFL Indonesia’s Development Director, Barry Anderson, got him thinking about chasing your football dreams.

Yoshi’s Footy Training Diary: Learning Australia’s Game in Japan

Yoshi chronicles his experience in learning to play the great game of Aussie Rules in Japan the Osaka Dingoes football club.

Hayley Leary appointed AFL Asia AFLW Promotion and Development Officer

Yoshi reports that AFL Asia has appointed Hayley Leary as the AFL Asia AFLW Promotions and Development Officer for 2018.

Osaka Dingoes President Matt Gale interviewed by Rohan Connolly

The future of footy in Asia is bright, none more so than at the Osaka Dingoes (Yoshi’s hitting the gym)

ANZAC Day across AFL Asia

AFL Asia president Darren Whitfield alerts us to what is happening through AFL Asia this ANZAC Day weekend. [No doubt a mate of Rocket Gillett’s – JTH]