The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 11 – Adelaide v Geelong: A pure display of brilliance

John Kingsmill covered the highly-awaited Geelong and Adelaide clash in 2007. After witnessing the entertaining spectacle, he praised the talented players on both sides.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 10 – Melbourne v Adelaide: The first moment of true glory for long-suffering Dees fans

Mark Freeman witnessed a spectacle at the MCG in Round 10, 2007. Previously winless, Melbourne turned the tables on Adelaide to secure a wonderful victory.

Fish and Chips Review: Sotos of Semaphore

Claire and Mickey have been checking out the fish and chips available down Semaphore way. Inclement weather mixed with satisfying cuisine to the accompaniment of eclectic music.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 9 – Carlton v Adelaide: Carlton’s wastefulness opens the door

For all of their effort, Carlton just couldn’t quite get over the line against Adelaide in the 2007 Indigenous Round. John Harms has the report from the Telstra Dome.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 8 – Adelaide v Richmond: Falling into the trap of tempo footy

John Kingsmill ventured down to AAMI Park in Round 8, 2007, expecting to see Adelaide make light work of the Tigers. But he was surprised (and dismayed) by the tactics of the home side in a lethargic display of football.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 5 – Fremantle v Adelaide: Battles within the contest

Les Everett went to Subiaco Oval to watch Fremantle take on Adelaide. He admired the structures and method of the Crows, but would it be enough for them to win in the West?

AFLW Round 2 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Away and Home

Yvette Wroby finds a way to follow her Saints girls in Adelaide. Using all forms of media and her nanna skills, she watches an improved St Kilda go down in the last quarter to the experienced Adelaide Crows outfit. Who says the Crows need their superstars to win.

Almanac Flashback: Dangerman is a safe bet for a big future with the Crows

Who knows a player better than their own family? For those who didn’t know, the Almanac’s ‘Citrus’ Bob Utber has inside knowledge of one P. Dangerfield. This piece was originally posted back in 2009. You may find it explains a lot about what has transpired since.

AFLW is over for 2019 – The ever-shifting universe and footy trajectories within it.

Yvette Wroby ponders a little about AFLW 2019 and is excited about the Saints entrance into the competition in 2020. Ready for the Southern Saints to resume in the VFLW, she is keeping an eye on her beloved boys in red, white and black too.

Footy Park: farewell or good riddance?

As the final grandstands are demolished at Football Park, Dave Brown remembers the good and bad times, the SANFL Grand Finals, Modra, McLeod, chicken salt and the tarps at West Lakes. What are your memories of Football Park?

AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: The benchmark has been set

Sean Mortell reports on the free-flowing Crows’ high-scoring win over the Cats. It was positive, open footy at Norwood where the skills of both sides were on show. The Crows have set a standard.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 5: Pessimistic Optimism

Sean Mortell is expectant and more than a little nervous as he takes his position in front of the TV. He sees the Australians put up a super fight but the Indians claim victory.

AFLM Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Not Our Night

For the Richmond faithful, watching on as the umpire crosses his arms and uncrosses them again for the sake of theatre, you can only avert your eyes, remind yourself it’s round two, and gently proclaim, “it’s just not been our night.”

AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide Crows v Western Bulldogs: A Few Monty Python Moments

The Adelaide Crows silenced the critics on the weekend by defeating the Western Bulldogs in the match of the season so far. But despite the magnificent game, Anne Cahill Lambert had to catch the action on her tablet due to lack of free-to-air broadcast.

#almanac280 – Adelaide: place, language and bubblers

#almanac280 Adelaide. Thanks for your contributions. Here’s the winner and some honourable mentions.

Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: Adelaide

Let’s have another go. In this week’s #almanac280 competition, we’re seeking your best story inspired by “Adelaide” – our city for the Second Test. In 280 characters or less. It’s about Adelaide the city, not about cricket (although it can be about cricket as long as it’s Adelaide and cricket). Enter here.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Musically Inspired?

Mick Jeffrey spent at least an hour coming up with this clever Billy Joel inspired rundown of Richmond’s recent history.

Finals Week 1 Mega Post (The Most Mega, Mega Post Yet)

Yep, this weekend was certainly a mega one for (U/11 premiership player) Aidan Hammond.

Round 23: West Coast v Adelaide – The Last Hurrah at Subiaco (well not really)

Mick Jeffrey was in Perth for the final AFL game at Subiaco. If you don’t want to know the scores Melbourne fans, look away now.

AFLM Round 12 – Adelaide v St Kilda: ‘Your Saints didn’t do very well last night’

With no joy in Round 12 for Yvette Wroby’s Saints, she let the universe point her to a happier place. The universe, friends and family (and Yamazaki Whiskey) did the job.