Footy Prediction: 1997 revisited?

  by Sam Steele     It was all set to be the year when one of the AFL’s Cinderellas finally went to the ball.  That was until the heartless, tradition-less Adelaide Crows crashed the party, three times in three weeks.  Is history about to repeat?   In the extraordinary 1997 season, St Kilda, Geelong [Read more]

AFL Round 15: McLeod and Dangerfield are Crows’ wonderful bookends

By Michael Sexton Fremantle have gifted Adelaide two geniuses – Andrew McLeod and Bon Scott. When Scott came to Adelaide he grew a beard, wore a kaftan and played the recorder in a hippy band called Fraternity. Later he met the Young brothers and morphed into the dark joker of rock. On the bus to [Read more]

AFL Round 14: Richmond v Adelaide – Same Tigers, different ground

As soon as the 2009 footy fixture was announced one game stood out. Richmond v Adelaide, eight point game, finals contenders,  Gold Coast and in the middle of school holidays, the offer sounded too good to be true. Even dad was willing to sacrifice a Hawthorn game for the holiday. Unfortunately that wasn’t how the season panned out. While one team [Read more]

AFL Fans: Curse You Harms, You’re Right (about Crows fans)

I could tell from the opening words of John Harm’s article on Patrick Dangerfield that there was trouble ahead.

AFL fans: A Crows fan is a Crows fan is a Crows fan

by John Harms I am worried about Patrick Dangerfield. He seems like such a nice boy. He’s from the Geelong area. Innocent. He knows the country air, the surf and the sea of Moggs Creek, the smell of freshly mown fairways, and the sound of new-born lambs feebly bleating. He was born under the reign [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Adelaide v North Melbourne: Of Simmo and a Sunday night in Fitzroy

By Andrew Starkie The only distinctive features on the front exterior of an otherwise unremarkable Fitzroy terrace house are the image of the Virgin Mary and the handwritten sign advertising meal times.  This is the Missionaries of Charity Men’s Refuge and Soup Kitchen.  It’s off Gertrude Street. Most pass by without noticing it on their [Read more]

AFL Round 12: Adelaide v North Melbourne: Crows’ win more impressive than you might think

By John Kingsmill I sat in the winter rain with my red Rocky Mountaineer fold-down beanie over my ears; my Kathmandu lightweight altica mountain top, with a fold-up zippered collar that reached the beanie; a $2 plastic poncho over all of that; a waterproof rug over my 56-year-old denim knees; a Crows cushion on the [Read more]

AFL Round 11: The Dons v Tyson Edwards’ receding hairline

by Rod Oaten Two things wrong with this game, the Dons are playing at the ground behind Spencer Street Railway Station and they are playing an interstate team, called Adelaide. This footy ground is like a giant fish bowl even more so when it started to drizzle and they closed the roof. Not my ideal [Read more]

It’s SimCity Time!

by John Kingsmill   In the current SimCity Adelaide Stadium Debate, I hope that the Advertiser’s report of State Treasurer Kevin Foley’s plan to move AFL from AAMI Stadium to Victoria Park and to couple footy with car-racing was flippant. I hope that Kevin Foley was only thinking aloud, exploring the last thing that someone [Read more]

Ablett on Fire in Milestone Match

by Julian Morison The ‘milestone game’ effect is much debated – are there benefits or otherwise for the player and team involved? Regardless of the actual impact, it invariably adds conviction to the expectations of a winning team and offers a thread of hope to a struggling combination. Before heading to Footy Park, I watched [Read more]

Gazza goes nuts and the French girls don’t care

By Peter Flynn Milburn out. Lonergan in. Suggestions that Bomber was overruled at the selection table. Believe! West is unlucky and Mumford gets his chance to impress. I sit myself down in preparation for an even contest. I am next to two strikingly good looking French girls who don’t appear to share my anticipation for [Read more]

Ablett on Fire

From the comfort of an armchair in front of the box, we get to see the occasional remarkable thing. Today, I got to see two. I’d been quiet on the punt during the Sydney Easter carnival. But, with some cash in the bank and form to make a mug of Deane Lester, today was the [Read more]

The HCFU Stat

Fremantle v Adelaide, Subiaco, Sun 12 April 2009 Richard Arrowsmith   When it happened twice in the first two minutes, and with memories of last week’s St Kilda debacle still fresh, I decided to keep count of the key Crows stat: The HCFU – the Handball Chain that – er, doesn’t work out.   It [Read more]

Friday night footy from the comfort of home

by Josh Barnstable I’m on the computer talking with friends. I am excited. School has finished for two weeks, the footy is back and I’m to play a match on Saturday morning. I’m still talking to friends, oblivious of the time. The computer all of a sudden restarts and I start getting frustrated. But I [Read more]

The Friday Night of Broken Dreams

Adelaide v St Kilda AAMI Stadium, Fri 3 April 2009 by Richard Arrowsmith Friday night.  First home game of the season.  And all the familiar faces, and sights, and smells, are there. The friendly volunteers at the Seaton High oval are out in force, lined up in their hi-vis jackets and waving torches to guide [Read more]

Collingwood v Adelaide

by Steve Healy It’s Saturday Afternoon and I’m in my bedroom, sitting on the chair at my desk, my own personal stronghold of football. Posters hang upon the walls and there are many discarded pieces of paper around the place with statistics that I have thought of and compared. The radio sits on the left [Read more]

Patchy Pies Pipped by Persistent Players from Pissant-Town

by Steve Fahey       Footy’s in the air Every sight and every sound Footy’s in the air Every recalled centre bounce   And I don’t know if I’ve been dreaming (but it is probable) Don’t know if I’m being wise But you’re something that I must believe in Every time that I scream [Read more]