A review of the 2013 Best and Fairest results (so far): an insight into game plans, what the coaches look for and backmen winning awards (?!)

It’s AFL Best and Fairest season, with all but the WA results now in. Sean Curtain gives his take on each of the clubs – what do you reckon? And who do you think will take out the remaining two?

AFL Finals Week 1 – Preview: Fire Up for Finals

It’s a busy weekend for sports nuts and Sal Ciardulli has cast a discerning eye over a few highlights in footy and racing. What to consider when backing your favourites? Plus, the season gone – how did the vanquished fare against predictions?

AFL Round 23 – West Coast v Adelaide: The Crows wonder ‘what if?’

What did the Adelaide and West Coast clash mean? A chance for Eagles’ fans to farewell some of its retiring greats, for Crows supporters to see what might have been, and for Barry Nicholls to tell the kids about the events of sixteen years ago.

AFL Round 18 – Review: Drugs, Borat and Homer Simpson

Stuart O’Grady gets it wrong; GWS meets Borat; and the Dogs take a scalp. It’s the week in review with Paul Thomson.

AFL Round 15 – Adelaide v West Coast: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

A perfect night of sport beckons Rajesh Singh, but unfortunately, so does his mate Bruno’s cards night. But he is determined to manage both. The cards go well, the Crows seemingly likewise – but when it comes to the crunch, who will prevail?

AFL Round 15: The View From Shepparton on Round 15 and Other Things

Was watching the rugby instead of Geelong-Hawthorn a good move? Not when you’re turning to Wikipedia to find out what’s going on. It was a varied weekend in sport for Peter Schumacher, but there’s still plenty to say about Round 15.

AFL Round 15 – The Wrap

Won’t someone think of Mr & Mrs Football and all the Little Footballs? And Chris Scott’s blood pressure? After round 15, The Wrap is on Maggot Watch.

AFL Round 15 – Pre-Wrap: Entering the home straight round

The Wrap is pondering significant questions, significant absences and smoke signals as he lights the way in a challenging round for punters.

No Ambulance needed..this time

I’ve noticed that Collingwood like to put us supporters through a bit of a heart attack before winning a game. Unlike the cool, swift Geelong that once had the sandwich eating coach and the supporters with their feet up, ready to relax with a win by the end of the second term, my boys seem [Read more]

Toasting Crows victory with Black Caviar

Sport can do funny things to people. If you’re anything like me you’ve most likely just nodded in agreement. For fanatics like you and I it makes us go to extraordinary lengths to be a part of great sporting moments. I did something that normal people would probably think was a little crazy on the [Read more]

An all round win from afar

I have lived a very privileged supporter’s life. Over the past four AFL seasons I’ve only watched my team from behind the wall of a LCD on two occasions. The second of which was last Saturday night. Ever since I met a very nice boy from Ballarat last September my heart has had to make [Read more]