Australia v India – Second Test Day 2: Rahane’s Timeless Ton

Luke Reynolds had the distinct fortune of attending the MCG for Day 2 with his two boys as Ajinkya Rahane put on a clinic.

Almanac Football: 1993 Revisited

Stainless takes a fascinating trip down memory lane as he recalls the 1993 AFL season. [With a nod to the Brettig-Collins-Gill podcast – Ed]

New Zealand v Australia – Christchurch Test, Day 1: BB McCullum Day in pictures from afar

Good grief. BB McCullum’s turns on the ultimate farewell. At stumps on Day 1, DJ Wilson attempts to report via phone screenshot pictures and photos from afar.

Revenge Of The Nerds: The Rise of Cricket’s New Generation Of Critics

Brutas Mudcake explains the fresh young voice of Australian cricket which is trying to do what, he argues, the older generation of broadcasters and writers have forgotten to do: respect the intelligence of the audience and be less Oi Oi Oi. Except for their spiritual leader, Godfather Gideon Haigh. They are the Geek Pack. Who are they? And what are they trying to do? [This is another important article from a younger writer which, like Geoff Lemon’s piece, shows why dinosaur thinking is actually damaging the game – Ed]