Almanac Baseball: A Beacom of Light

For the first time in Australian professional baseball history a female, Genevieve Beacom, took the pitcher’s mound as Brian The Ruminator reports.

Almanac Baseball: Ruminating on MLB and the ABL in 2021

As various footy codes start winding up, Brian the Ruminator turns his attention yet again to baseball, in particular the local competiton and the world’s biggest league.

Almanac Baseball: Aces High/Red Sox Fly

Brian The Ruminator updates us on how the Covid-abbreviated Claxton Shield competition eventuated. As a Redsox fan, he’s also delighting in their strong start to the MLB season.

Almanac Baseball: Mannymania

Brian The Ruminator is very, very excited that a Red Sox legend will be playing in this season’s Australian Baseball League.

Almanac Baseball: Getting On Base

Brian The Ruminator recalls the film “Moneyball”, and how it again might just relate to the Covid-truncated Major League Baseball season underway in the USA.

Almanac Baseball: ABL Talking Points

With the Australian Baseball League season about to get underway, Brian the Ruminator shares his thoughts on what to look out for as the maple bats and cowhide balls take to the diamond. (He has a weakness for the Kiwi cricketers, too.)

Almanac Baseball: ABL Done, MLB Awaits

The Bandits have won the ABL (four in a row!) and there is a lull now until MLB starts in late March. How to fill the void? Brian the Ruminator has some thoughts.

Almanac Baseball: Seoul Time

Brian the Ruminator reports on the contest between the Melbourne Aces and Geelong Korea suggesting it may well be the most hyped hitout in ABL history with the Aces GM, Justin Huber, going on ABC News Breakfast and proclaiming that as many as 30 million Koreans may be tuning in.

Almanac Baseball: The ABL Curveball

Brian the Ruminator muses on the upcoming ABL season, with the inclusion of Auckland and Geelong-Korea.

Almanac Baseball: Bandits Steal Home

Brian the Ruminator wraps up the The 2017/18 ABL season as the Brisbane Bandits won their third successive Claxton Shield on Sunday.

Almanac Baseball: ABL Ain’t No BBL

What has slowly dawned on The Ruminator over time is that trying to compare our respective affinities for cricket and baseball is not so much a hankering for the glory days of old but the brutal reality of sport in the modern world. The BBL is a behemoth that is offering Australian fans what Americans have taken for granted for decades – when the days are long and languid people like to watch games that kick off about 7pm and finish around 10pm pretty much any old night of the week.