Almanac Teams: Round 1 debuts since 1980 (Part 3 – 2001 to 2010)

Rodney Boyd presents Part 3 of his series about VFL/AFL Round 1 debutants, today looking at the years 2001 to 2010.

Round 22 — Fremantle v Essendon: Optus Stadium magic

Though not without some anxious moments, the Bombers came through for Caspar McLeod against the Dockers to solidify their quest for a finals berth.

Round 21 – Preview: I see Red, I see Red, I see Red

Sal adds his thoughts about the issue of punching opponents and the rules associated with the act in our game, and he also previews the upcoming round of football.

AFL Round 13 – Carlton v Fremantle: Marvel(lous) Massacre at Etihad

Peter Fuller looks for scraps of Carlton consolation on a very dirty day for the Blues.

Round 15 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Saints beat Michael Walters and 21 other Dockers in a nailbiter

Michael Walters almost singlehandedly got the Dockers over the line, but the Saints hard work and determination were too much for the men in purple.

Round 6 Preview – The footy is singing but we don’t

Sal’s back with a preview of Round 6 of the AFL. Should AFL recruiters start testing singing ability?

Round 3 – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs: On winning. And losing

Kerrie Soraghan has felt her first AFL worse in many months and the premiership win for her Doggies has only made the pain of losing even harder.

Almanac Season Review: Fremantle – bring on 2017

Injuries may have harmed Fremantle’s 2016 season but for Les Everett in his review of Fremantle’s season suggests it started at the end of 2015.

Preliminary Final – Fremantle v Hawthorn: Fat Men Rising

An Almanac classic. Matt Zurbo watches Friday night’s preliminary final in a Kings Cross. Outstanding analysis. Engaging description. Fine writing.

Round 21- North Melbourne v Fremantle: A perfect Day

Andrew Starkie takes his daughter to her first ever game of footy. A win – over a rival premiership aspirant no less – as well as the father-daughter bonding makes the day just a little bit too good as Andrew explains… [Maybe Linda should be getting the 3 votes here Starks? – Ed]

Round 17 – Richmond v Fremantle: The hardest defeat to take

A tough loss for the Tiger army to take. Paddy Grindlay watches the battle-hardened Dockers capitalise on opportunity when it presented itself in the dying seconds of Saturday’s clash.

Round 16 – Fremantle v Carlton: The King and His Men

It’s always good to get a win, but more so when the acid has been on your club after a disappointing loss. Even better for Josh Coales, with Nat Fyfe well held (by his lofty standards anyway), other players stepped up to fill the breach.

Round 15- Hawthorn v Fremantle: Message received loud and clear

John Butler saw Hawthorn dispatch 2015 premiership rival, Fremantle, with jaw-dropping ease in Launceston on Sunday.

Round 11- Review: Here cometh the bye

The first of the bye rounds and Fearless has plenty to get his teeth into after some telling results from the weekend.

The View From Shepparton Round 1

Peter Schumacher checks in with the round one view of all things AFL from Shepparton and a healthy dose of scepticism for his Mighty Lions

Round 1 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: Dear ABC Radio

Matt Zurbo watches footy closely, and with a footy thinkers’ eye. When listening to post-game summaries on radio, he expects good insight from the experts, not just stats. Here he analyses the Freo-Port match, and he analyses the analysts as well. [This is a interesting discussion point – Ed]

2015 AFL Season Preview – Fremantle

Will the premier-ship finally dock in Fremantle in 2015? Or will the ageing Dockers begin to slide their way down the ladder? Zach Standish crystal-balls Fremantle’s chances of winning the 2015 flag.

The seven best rookie-listed players of all time

In the light of Dean Cox’s retirement, Jackson Clark details his best rookie-listed players of all time: DC, SM, AS, MM, KJ, MB and BK.

AFL Grand Final – Preview: Why Freo can win the 2013 flag

JTH is no Garfield (the Cat) so he knows by quarter time he’s going to be barracking for one team. He has no idea which.

AFL Round 1 – Fremantle vs West Coast: Hard to be a father of a Weavil

Freo fan Nathan Jarvis made the misguided choice of allowing his son to choose his own footy club. He chose the Eagles. He can’t force him to change….mind games on the other hand.