A Guide to Black Cinema – Part 6: ‘Wakanda Forever’

Nahum Gale completes his series ‘A Guide to Black Cinema’ with Part 6 – ‘Wakanda Forever’. This movie, the sequel to ‘The Black Panther’, an influential film on Black storytelling in popular media, is one Nahum is greatly excited about and articulates so well in this episode.

A Guide to Black Cinema – Part 4: A Spike Lee Joint

In Part 4 of Nahum Gale’s ‘A Guide to Black Cinema’ he examines the films of the legendary Spike Lee and his role in the film industry.

A Guide to Black Cinema – Part 3: Django still chained?

In his third column, Nahum Gale shows how some so-called classic movies depicting Black characters and their circumstances entrench stereotypical understandings of People of Colour.

A Guide to Black Cinema – Part 1: ‘Nope’, an introduction

Nahum Gale begins his column on Black Cinema with this review of Nope.