Round 15 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Everything’s coming up Milhouse, just

Shane Reid is hopeful about Brisbane’s chances – what’s not to love about a home Grand Final and a tight win over the Pies? But constant behinds and scrubby quarters still linger in the back of his mind.

Almanac Footy Comment: Reconnecting without contact

When the pandemic walls started to close in and the AFL hit the decks in the attempt to salvage the season, Dips thought the whole experiment might be a fool’s errand. With time, he now confesses that the physically-distant competition has allowed him the peace and space to reconnect with his team [Marvellous – Ed.]

Round 9 Review/Round 10 Preview: Some big wins done; straight onto another telling week

No rest for the wicked as Round 9 blurs into Round 10; Sean Mortell has his finger on the pulse!

The 2020 Martha Graham Cup – Round 19

Earl O’Neill is on some heavy duty opiates for his joint pain. The result is a psychedelic imagining of making footy telecasts more creative and captivating through interpretive dance. Come for the LSD trip (Luke, Sandy and Dwayne) and stay for how Round 19 scores might have shaken out in a better world.

2020 FEARLESS Round 7: Welcome to the truly national competition

From the Gilead Suns to the Hinchinbrook Hawks, Fearless casts his eye over Round 7’s action to catch everyone up to speed.

Round 7 Review – Pies and Tigers replace some dropping teams at the top

A round that began on Thursday finally finished last night. A taste of things to come, as the AFL seeks to squeeze a season into an unpredictable social landscape. Sean Mortell reviews Round 7.

2020 FEARLESS Round 6: Officially the lottery begins…games like Shakira…wherever whenever

Footy moved entirely north of the Barassi Line, and Fearless follows with his summary of Round 6 action.

2020 FEARLESS Round 5: Victorian Encore Round…the bell lap of the state for now..

As he admits himself, Fearless was MIA last week. If you want to catch up, here’s what he thought of Round 5, the last to feature Victorian-based games for some time.

The 2020 Cool Dry Cup – Round 17

Earl O’Neill has joined the long term injury list but he managed to catch all the weekend’s games from the rehab mat. A comprehensive review of AFL Round 17 as God, Gillon and the original fixture intended (not in that order).

The 2020 First Amendment Cup – Round 16

Earl steers his mental jetliner into the turbulence of censorship opinion before returning to the clear air of fictional football. [Content warning – not for kids. Ed]

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 5 review and Round 6 preview

No shortage of material for Cam Hooke to cover in this week’s edition of Collingwood Life.

The 2020 ‘Onya Liz’ Cup – Round 12

Earl O’Neill welcomes the bye in a long, hard (imaginary-Ed) AFL season. Round 12 brought some upsets and a cracking Queens Birthday match at the ‘G. Earl runs his eye over the resting teams and reckons Kenny from Camperdown will be taking in the Grand Annual from his back porch next season.

The 2020 Dave Flanagan Cup – Round 11

Earl O’Neill reflects on the life and times of Dave Flanagan and how his larrikin spirit inspired the growth of AFL across the country. Condolences to his wives, children, and spiritual and legal advisers. Round 11 results seem like an afterthought with the ladder leaders coming back to the pack in an (imaginary – Ed.) season full of surprises.

The 2020 Red Wine Cup – Round 9

Plenty of surprises in Earl O’Neill’s review of Round Nine in the (imagined) AFL season. Just when we thought the top teams were sorted, the Tigers turn into pussies and the Cats turn into Tigers. Did you hear the one about the Englishman who turned into a newsagency

The 2020 Ruth Gordon Cup – Round 8

Earl O’Neill dishes the dirt on the coach, the thief, his wife and his mother. Earl’s not naming names yet but players at home can put the pieces together. Breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day has never had such complicated overtones. Thankfully, Round 8 of the AFL delivered some terrific footy to distract us. (Imagine how feral an imaginary footy press would be about this particular imagined season – Ed).

The 2020 Good For Football Cup – Round 7

Brought to you from the banana lounge in my backyard with the assistance of neighbours’ lawnmower and circular saw. [Earl’s imagined footy comp keeps rolling – Ed]

The 2020 Oscar Compson Cup – Round 6

Earl O’Neill reviews the results from the Anzac round of AFL matches. Plenty of surprises on the field but the biggest shock this week was an AFL star breaking down the barriers Ian Roberts shattered 25 years ago in the NRL. (Earl’s imagined season is taking us down some interesting pathways – Ed).

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Sebastian Rush: The 2020 NBA All-Star game

The 2020 NBA All-Star game came down to the wire, as Parade College Grade 9 student Sebastian Rush details the exciting match-up between the NBA’s best players.

Can Collingwood win a premiership with their young list in the next five years? Part Four: Coach and Final conclusion

Nicholas D’Urbano’s series on Collingwood’s premiership hopes over the next 5 years concludes, with analysing the coach and giving a final conclusion on whether Collingwood can win a flag in the next 5 years.

Can Collingwood win a premiership with their young list in the next five years? Part Three: Attack

Nicholas D’Urbano’s series on Collingwood’s premiership hopes over the next five years continues, this time analysing the Magpies forward line.