Almanac Cricket: Australia v India 2020-21 – Fingers crossed for a big pay-off

After an off-season dominated by financial arguments, Australia once again takes on India, Covid-19 allowing. John Butler sets the scene.

Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song – another take

In response to Kevin Densley’s call to find Australia’s best song, KN Dole offers his suggestion for the best song for these Covid times.

No Footy!

Smokie laments the cancellation of local footy. He’s missing the Fearon.

Round 3 – Haiku Bob – Covid footy

Are the Magpies the team for the times? Haiku Bob reflects on their win over the Saints.

The Wisteria Diary – No breadcrumbs will mark this way out

As we start to emerge from lock down, some will say it’s the end of the beginning. John Butler isn’t even that confident.

INATT conducts online interviews on men’s mental health issues

With mental health currently a heightened concern, Yoshi has found a South Australian website to be a valuable resource.

Memories from an Old Wooden Box

Objects can provide a gateway to memory. While sorting through his study, Allan Barden rediscovered an old wooden box. Its contents took him on quite a journey.

The Wisteria Diary – Watching the curve

Like all of us, John Butler is watching the curve, wondering where it will lead us.

The Wisteria Diary – So we’re all socialists now?

Welcome to the revolution, Liberal/National Party style, comrades.

The Wisteria Diary – Dispatches from the retail front line

Like so many, John Butler now has time on his hands and a bit to consider.

Two Ply in the Tempest

We may well be enduring our biggest challenge for decades, but Dips O’Donnell ponders the possible constructive lessons we just might learn, possibly even emerging as a better society.