Powerboy’s 2017 Grand Final week sit-reps from behind enemy lines.

We welcome Powerboy, who provides this uniquely Port Adelaide view of the 2017 Grand Final. [Le Fevre Pitch?]

In Vino Veritas

Opening an old bottle of wine turns out to be a perfect analogy for Richmond’s 2017 season

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmondy

Joe de Petro has recognised a new state of being. The world is Richmondy. He is Richmondy. We can all be Richmondy.

The 2017 Donald ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Earl O’Neill describes his Grand Final with a marvellous piece of stream of consciousness which absolutely nails it.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Musically Inspired?

Mick Jeffrey spent at least an hour coming up with this clever Billy Joel inspired rundown of Richmond’s recent history.