The Footy Almanac 2007 Week 1 Finals – Collingwood v Sydney: A big night at the office

Matt O’Connor was nervous about Collingwood’s Elimination Finals date with the Swans in 2007. In front of a packed MCG, he went through the familiar rollercoaster of emotions.

The Sydney Swans Speculative Soundtrack: A Season In Revue

Joe Moore has got his playlist sorted; check out the soundtrack of the Sydney Swans’ 2015. [Now with link to the music – Ed].

Round 8 – Hawthorn v Sydney: After 239 Days We’ve Shown That We Can Beat Those Predatory Hawks At The MCG.

Jan Courtin’s round 8 match report

Round 6 Melbourne v Sydney Swans: Heading South In My SWANZ Wagon

Jan Courtin;’s round 6 match report

Jan Courtin: passionate Swan

Jan Courtin shares her 62 year old love affair with the Swans

Round 5 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Beware Swannies, those feisty Bulldogs are yapping

After last week’s unbelievable performance by the Doggies against the Crows, our guys will have to be at their very best – their very best for 120 minutes. None of this last-half drama.   The last time we lost to the Dogs was back in 2010.  We’d driven down to Melbourne for that nerve-racking semi [Read more]

Round 4 – Fremantle v Sydney: On The Couch With My Treasured Remote

I’m not in Perth for this big clash – wish I was though. With the recent trip to Adelaide and two forthcoming trips to Melbourne, we decided to give Perth a miss this time.   So, here I am, sitting in front of our very large tele, with my well loved and trusted remote. I [Read more]

Round 3 – Sydney v GWS: A rivalry in the making

Great to be home at the SCG! I would love to have said “spiritual home” but, even after 30 odd years here in Sydney, “spiritual home”, for me, is still the Lake Oval in South Melbourne. The home of Bobby Skilton, Freddie Goldsmith, Ronny Clegg, Billy Gunn, Eddie Lane, Brian McGowan, Mickey Siburn, Hughie McLaughlin, [Read more]

Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Sydney: The Joys of Winning and the Aftermath

It started a week ago at three quarter time at ANZ Stadium. We were losing dismally and the crowd was silent. Far too silent. “Oh God” I thought, “I’m not looking forward to flying to Adelaide next week, it’ll be a thrashing”. I wanted to cancel the flight, the hotel, the lot. Thirty-seven minutes later [Read more]

South Melbourne/Sydney Swans: Memories of our 30 Years in Sydney

Jan Courtin puts into prose her thoughts for her beloved Swans