The View From Shepparton Round 1

Peter Schumacher checks in with the round one view of all things AFL from Shepparton and a healthy dose of scepticism for his Mighty Lions

Only Australia Sledges the Opposition…

Much has been said about the appearance of a lack of grace or class within the current Australian Cricket team. Pat White, from Cricket Froth brings a new angle to the discussion. [And pictures that add a new dimension to the discussion. – Ed]

ICC World Cup Final: Part two – The Inevitable

Matt Watson wraps up his weekend in Melbourne for the World Cup Cricket final. You can’t fake passion.

Some thoughts on a Summer of Cricket

And so the long summer of cricket is over. Yvette Wroby takes a compassionate and learned look back on key moments and major players.

The Aussies: Fast, Brilliant, Creative, Daring and in the Final. (So why can’t I like them?)

Sean Curtain respects – but doesn’t like – the way the Australian cricket team go about their work on the field. Moreso after moments in Thursday evening’s Australia v India ICC World Cup semi-final.

2015 ICC World Cup Final: Call for Writers

The final of the ICC 2015 World Cup looms large. If the usual trans-Tasman rivalry wasn’t enough to heat this one up, there’s also four years (and countless Bledisloe Cup meets) worth of bragging rights at stake. In the words of Tom Greenaway; “New Zealand could be the holders of both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups simultaneously.” Share your words with us, all are welcome.

2015 ICC World Cup – Australia v India Audio

Ahead of the World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia, here’s Keiran Deck’s wrap of Thursday evening’s semi-final win for the Aussies over India.

Where things Started to Go Wrong for India

Straight and to the point: Raj Singh analyses ‘where-it-all-went-wrong’ for the Indian team after Thursday night’s semi final loss to Australia in the ICC World Cup. Not quite George Best being delivered room service while laying on a bed covered in £20,000 in cash and Miss Universe naked beside him, but we get where Raj is going with this…

The Cricket World Cup is Fixed! ( See what I did there?)

“Think of it this way- New Zealand could be the holders of both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups simultaneously…” and other food-for-thought from Tom Greenaway on the formatting of the ICC’s showcase tournament (ping: denouement usage. – Ed)

2015 ICC World Cup: Semi Final- Australian v India: Eden Gardens at Moore Park

Wayne Ball likes what he saw of the Australians at the SCG last night. Bring on the Kiwis. The MCG certainly isn’t Eden Park

It’s the Black Caps’ division of labour I really enjoy

Brilliant teamwork has fostered the self-belief that has taken New Zealand to the cricket World Cup final for the first time, says Peter Cresswell. [Good to publish a Kiwi view – JTH]

2015 ICC World Cup – New Zealand v South Africa Audio

Missed the action from Eden Park in last night’s thrilling ICC World Cup semi final? Fear not! Keiran Deck’s summation of one of the most exciting semi finals will have you up to speed in no time.

ICC World Cup, Semi Final-New Zealand v South Africa

Tuesday night’s 2015 ICC World Cup semi final at Eden Park will be remembered as one of the all-time greats. The home side under enormous pressure to deliver, the South Africans desperate to progress beyond the semi final stage. A great report from Luke Reynolds

ICC World Cup 2015 – Semi Final time: limits stretch only so far

E. Regnans identifies a crash or crash through, high risk high-rewards approach from teams in this World Cup, He thinks India might be the one. But I suspect he will be happy with contests where the ball talks and wickets matter.

ICC World Cup 2015: Following without seeing

E Regnans’ 2015 ICC World Cup cricket coverage has been sans visual coverage so far. The written word and the internet has sated his cricketing appetite thus far. And butter chicken… (includes the #TimeHonoured E Regnan’s Butter Chicken recipe for free. You’re welcome).

2015 ICC World Cup Quarter Finals: A Call For Writers

Calling Almanac cricket writers: the 2015 ICC World Cup has reached the Quarter Final stage. We’d love to have you share your match reports with us.

2015 ICC World Cup – Australia vs. Sri Lanka: Audio Review

Australia accounted for Sri Lanka with relative ease at the SCG on Sunday. Keiran Deck summarises the game, as well throwing his two-bob’s worth on the ‘bat-is-greater-than-ball’ thinking that dominates both short-form games.

ICC World Cup 2015 – England v Bangladesh: The adventures of colony march

David Wilson with a scene-setting description of this clash of World Cup minnows; England v Bangladesh, Adelaide.

2015 ICC world Cup: “Two Drunks Walk Onto a pitch…”

Amidst the Kiwi’s huge sigh of relief and the Australians left to ponder what could have been after Saturday’s cracking ICC World Cup match at Eden Park, John Butler argues that there’s little to come out of this match that would have the South African’s or the Indian losing much sleep.

It’s As Easy As A,B,deV.

Could there be a finer way to introduce the next generation to one-day cricket than to have them see Abraham Benjamin de Villiers blistering 162 not-out and the South African dismantling of the West Indies as your first live ODI? Steve Duffy took his son to the SCG last week for AB’s 50-Over batting masterclass.