Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Paranoid android

Sometimes appreciation comes creeping. Sometimes a doubt always remains. E.regnans on Hawthorn; game plan, recent history, the 2015 Grand Final, and the idea of appreciation.

2015 Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Riffin’, ruminating and, hell yeah, raisin’ the roof, rejoicing

Trucker Slim identifies the important moments (like The Intercept) of the Grand Final, in the hope he can settle on the moment when he knew his Hawks had won. [It seems he is in the middle of a religious experience – Ed]

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Preparation is the key to success

For the superstitious among us, Grand Final week is a time to watch those superstitions carefully. Bradley Thomas had never been to a Grand Final. Was now the time to go?

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A few days later, at the Espy

Three in a row? Thirteen flags in 54 years? E.regnans imagines a meeting between a talking Hawk and a talking Magpie this week at the Espy…

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: As good as it gets

Kasey Symons, a West Coast Eagle of Melbourne, managed to secure Grand Final admission. Here she tells a cracking tale of hope, pride, anticipation and loss [Wonderful fan-writing – Ed].

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Grand Excuses

West Coast Eagle Matt Quartermaine wants to know what you really feel about the Hawthorn premiership. He lets us know how he does.

2015 Grand Final – Hawthorn v West Coast: They’re the Mighty Flying Hawks

Like ’em and loathe ’em, there is no denying that Clarko and the Hawks are among the greats. [And doesn’t miss the Eagles on his way through, either. – Ed]

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week VI

Mr Wrap previews the AFL Grand Final and reviews Brownlow Medal night.

Eagles versus Hawthorn – youth versus experience

In the big one, is there an advantage in having youth on your side? And a lack of fear of defeat?

Everything (and more) that you wanted to know about the West Coast Eagles 2015 but were afraid to ask

Peter Baulderstone is sick of the endless drivel from the Melbourne media about the Hawks dynasty. Last years rooster is this year’s Tony Abbott. He channels popular culture to explain the glorious Eagles team and playing style to the uninformed Eastern States observer.

The 4th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

If it is precise, artistic, original coverage of the upcoming Grand Final you are after, it will be hard to go past the 4th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai. Check out the details here.

Finals week 3 – The Wrap: “A Heapin’ helpin’ of that [West Australian] hospitality…”

A comprehensive look at the weekend’s preliminary finals from The Wrap, as only The Wrap can produce.