Kmac – great player, even better bloke

Kieran McGuinness fractured three vertebrae playing for the Northern Blues last weekend. Rulebook Ashwood pens a note about the man who provided him with his favourite footy memory of all time

SANFL Grand Final – Norwood v Port Adelaide: Our Lucky Charm

A bus full of joy tooling down the O-Bahn – that was the scene on the way to Paradise (and beyond) for Dave Brown and son after the SANFL Grand Final.

SANFL Grand Final – Norwood v Port Adelaide: The Greatest Win of All

Longtime Redlegs fan Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood rates Norwood’s triumph in Sunday’s SANFL Grand Final the greatest of all his club’s premierships. Though he admits to missing their 1887, 1888 and 1889 flag wins.