The Slightly-Late-But-Thanks-To-The-Split-Round-Not-Too-Late 2013 Preview: Western Bulldogs

They have an impressive midfield but kicking enough goals to win games is going to be the biggest issue for the Bulldogs this season, writes Adam Ritchie.

The Season-Started-Last-Night-So-If-Anything-It’s-Late 2013 Preview: West Coast

Adam Ritchie gets his West Coast preview to us in the nick of time.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Sydney

You never feel comfortable betting against the Swans, because when the pressure is on, few are better.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: St Kilda

The Saints have to decide where they are, writes Adam Ritchie. Can they win a flag within two years with their senior stars, or is rebuilding the major focus?

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Richmond

Since losing the 1982 Grand Final, the Tigers have made the finals twice in thirty years. They have finished ninth more than that. Guess which situation Adam Ritchie thinks will repeat this year?

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Port Adelaide

Particularly poor drafting has contributed to Port Adelaide’s woes since the 2004 premiership, writes Adam Ritchie.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: North Melbourne

They may have made the finals last year, but the North Melbourne report card hasn’t changed. Good against the bad and middling sides, often found wanting against the better ones.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Melbourne

Safe to say the Demons have been a in a bit of a rut lately. Adam Ritchie looks at why they are where they are, and can they progress.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Hawthorn

As you read this, the world’s pre-eminent minds are gathering in an attempt to discover just how it is Hawthorn managed to avoid winning the flag in 2012.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: GWS

The Greater Western Sydney Giants inaugural year in the AFL will forever be remembered fondly for giving us the vision of a team winning and not knowing the lyrics to their club song.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Gold Coast

The Suns aren’t going to explode and make the finals in 2013. a total of five or six would be the benchmark. What’s more important is continued improvement from their young stars.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Geelong

Adam Ritchie scrutinises Geelong’s chances this year. Will he be as bullish as certain other members of the Knackery?

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Fremantle

Adam Ritchie believes Freo could finish Top 4 this year if their midfield improves. He also believes Ablett hate watches Fremantle games whenever possible, just so he can hate watch Crowley.

The-Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Essendon

Adam Ritchie tries his best to avoid writing about all the recent developments surrounding the Dons and focus on football. Does he succeed? What do you think?

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Collingwood

Is Collingwood’s grip on the top four beginning to unravel, or are they so firmly locked in that not even all the turmoil of 2012 could knock them out?

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Carlton

They may be the Blues, but they are the Kings at finding inventive ways to trip over themselves, to the amusement of everyone but their fans.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Brisbane Lions

Adam Ritchie assesses the prospects of Michael Voss and the Brisbane Lions.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Adelaide Crows

The NAB Cup is a fortnight away so Adam Ritchie has kicked off his preview series with the Crows. (Tigers fans please note – Adam does not enter “everyone will make the top four and there will be no more sadness” territory.)