Almanac Books: New and Recent Releases by friends of the Footy Almanac

Looking for something for dad on Father’s Day? We’ve made a list of new and recent books published by authors who are part of the Almanac community – with links to information about each one.

Almanac Book Review – 1989: The Great Grand Final

Paul Spinks brings us his review of a book that has already captivated a few Almanackers, Tony Wilson’s tome covering the 1989 VFL Grand Final.

Almanac Virtual: Webinar – ‘1989 The Great Grand Final’ with Harms, Wilson and Yeates

How was Dermie set up? Why was he set up? This and more intriguing questions surrounding the 1989 Grand Final revealed and answered in the Geelong Library webinar featuring John Harms, Tony Wilson, and Mark Yeates and addressed in Tony Wilson’s new book, 1989 The Great Grand Final.