A push and a rush and the game is ours

Collingwood’s 50 Most Sensational Games Round 4, 1987 Collingwood   2.4.16   4.10.34   7.11.53   16.14.110 Richmond       3.5.23    7.7.49   14.8.92   15.10.100 VENUE: VFL Park DATE: Saturday 20 April CROWD: 36,749 UMPIRES: Robinson, Forster COLLINGWOOD B         Christian       Gayfer       Kerrison HB      Brown         Manson           Keays C          Millane        Turner        Bradbury HF       Fielke         Starcevich    Rizonico F          Banks           Taylor             Croall FOLL  Cloke, Atkins, Ryan [Read more]