Almanac Football History: Fitzroy’s last finals series, the fabulous 1986 season

Following on from his recent look back at 1984, Phillip Mendes revists what was to be the final VFL/AFL finals series for the Roys; 1986. From the smashing of the ’85 premiers to the retirement of Superboot, it was a momentous year.

Finals Week 3 – Brisbane v Geelong: Small mercies

After a year of superb Brisbane coverage, Shane Reid used last night’s preliminary final loss to reflect on better games and premiership moments.

Almanac (Radio and TV) History: “Don’t burn down the studio” – The Coodabeen Champions and Channel 7’s 1986 Football Marathon

Memories! In this nicely researched piece, Richard Prentice takes us back to the first (and only) Coodabeens takeover of the pre-VFL Grand Final ‘Football Marathon’ in 1986. [first published in 2020]