Almanac Footy and Water-skiing: Ted Hopkins – Renaissance Man in Blue

After chatting with Roger Ley, Andrew ‘Dougie’ Fraser tells the tale of a young water ski-ing footballer at Monash University who led a most creative and original life. That man: Ted Hopkins, who was a friend of The Footy Almanac for many years, since John Harms first met him on Run Like You Stole Something on 3RRR. [This is a really interesting piece, thanks Dougie – Ed] [With the passing of Carlton footballer Ted Hopkins on Monday, the Footy Almanac reprises Andrew Fraser’s story about Ted.]

Almanac (Footy) Life: Pie Boy – a kid takes his chance

Damien Collins recalls his days as a pie boy at the MCG during the 1970 season. He took a chance and ran with it, ultimately coming face to face with his hero, Ron Barassi! [A commercial genius at work – JTH]

Almanac Footy Memoir – VFL Grand Final 1970: It’s the Vibe

Fifty years ago! Mark Poustie makes an impressive Almanac debut with this fine piece on attending the 1970 Grand Final with his father and brother. Philosophical reflection, description, history and comment all come together in this beaut memoir. [Welcome Mark – JTH]

Almanac Memoir: A new chum’s introduction to Australian Football

John Milton had never heard of Australian Football until he was asked to fix an antenna on a ship off the New South Wales coast. Here’s how his footy life has unfolded. [A wonderful memoir of life and love and the places they take you – JTH]

Almanac Teams: The Unluckiest Magpies

Collingwood is in another Grand Final. This is a prospect which fills any knowing Magpie with equal parts anticipation and dread. Phil Dimitriadis taps into his well of Magpie pain to look at the unlucky many who have come up short on that One Day in September.

Brent Crosswell, Martin Flanagan and 1970

Marty Gleason on the significance of Brent Crosswell as a figure of both humanity and dissent.

Collingwood: a youthful obsession

by Brian Nankervis   It’s the twenty-eight minute mark of the final quarter in the 1970 Grand Final. Alex Jesaulenko gathers the ball and snaps an amazing goal. All around us, cocky Carlton fans erupt in a nauseating display of pathetic barracking. The dazed Collingwood army turns even whiter with shock, horror and disbelief. Something [Read more]

Jesaulenko You Beeeuuuttyy!!!!

A different view of one of football’s most famous marks. Jezza climbs over Jerker Jenkins in the 1970 Grand Final. Serge looks impressed. This photo came to us some time ago, and we have been unable to locate its source. If anyone can help in this regard, please comment below. Or just enjoy the photo.