Somethings off in the Kitchen

After attending the debacle which was last Friday night I felt I would be better watching the Blues from the safety of the lounge in tropical Canberra. Still emotionally and physical scarred from the mid season trip to the home of sport it was with some trepidation that I switched on the box on Saturday night as Carlton took on the Freemantle Worker Workers at Collo’s ever shifting house of pain.

My concerns were quickly realised when Murphy and The Spudman were sitting in the stand in a suit and not of the trackie variety. The inclusion of the Henderson, Unwanted One, to CHF and Hadley’s selection after the previously weeks shocker was again puzzling. I know JB. Henderson had a blinder in the magoos last week but that where he should be for bit longer. Thankfully The Ex Dees Duds was sitting in the stands as well. I was however confident that Blues would still be hurting after last week’s effort and that Alfred E would have torn a bit of paint off the Princess Park sheds during the week.

The Baggers did start with a little more umph than the previous weekend and looked to have the Mariners measure in the early going despite a goal against the run of play in the early stages. It was clear that it was not going to be a shoot out. Not in a goal sense anyway as the Blues piled on the points. They were up on clearances, inside 50s and all that other piffle the comments men make but Freo lead making the most of their opportunities, although they too were a sloppy in front.

Then it happened. In keeping with the nautical theme of the night it was like watching a battle ship being scuttled. The Kruez Controller landed awkwardly and there is was in blinding digital effect. His ACL and season were gone. The sight of the young ruckman being assisted from the field was a sad one. Not only is a great young footballer but one sensed the whole side had a collective slump of the shoulders. The blues went into little lunch without scoring a goal.

To make matter worse the Chosen One was receiving more harassment than a DJs secretary courtesy of Max Headroom McPhee. Not that the umpires did much about it nor his Carlton teammates for that matter. When will someone take someone in a navy blue jumper put their hand up for the captain? I’m looking at you Mr Waite.

The second quarter followed a similar low scoring pattern with the Mariners keeping the scoreboard ticking over while the Blues wore out the point flag at the other end. The elephant in the room, all 7’23” of him, began to dominate clearances despite what I thought was a terrific effort from Jacobs who was now the lone ranger for the Blues in the tall department. The occasional effort by Thornton was farcical. Barlow continued to hurt he Blues all half contributing a couple of goal along with plenty of assist. The Pavalov was relatively quiet but still damaging giving two the best don’t argues in the space of 3 minutes. The Blues were missing targets and playing ring a ring a rosie around the boundary line as a result of having no target up forward.
(leave that to Collingwood please). The three amigos were not getting into the game and, as he did last week, Alfred E allowed Freo to have loose men down back all night. A late gaol to Waite saw the Blues go into down by 22 points at big lunch with an impressive 2.12 on the board.

The 3rd quarter followed per the first half script. Turnovers and indirect football. Although they did managed to match the Mariners with 4 goals for the quarter with Freo now missing the sitters. Barlow was still dominating and Sandilands (my tip for the Brownlow) winning easy possessions and moving the ball quickly through the centre with the Carlton onballers were still playing in the bleachers. Three quarter time, Freo by 26 and the Juddster was not a happy camper. Yes, Jarred. I’m still looking at you.

One sensed that there was nothing much that the Blues could do. Despite again leading most of the stats they were wasteful. Then a light went on in the box and someone suggested to Ratts that they might wish to play on and go direct. This revolutionary game strategy sparked a belated revival but the damage had been done and, despite finishing only 9 point in arrears, the Blues were never in it. The Unwanted One and Eddie got a couple of late one but nothy to add to the scrap boy for this supporter.

So two losses on the trot and no Kruezer until 201l. Bloody brilliant. The boys spent another recovery session in the room of mirrors and face up the Bears in two weeks. The smell from the kitchen on Royal Parade can only be described as malodorous despite still being in the eight at the half way break. What could have been a platform for a top 4 finish has been lost and only increased resolve across the group will lift the final aspiration from where they presently sit, just aspirations.

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A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. John Butler says


    I know how you feel, but I’m inclined to be a little more philosophical about the current situation.

    If we were offered 7-6 before round 1 I reckon we would have taken it. It’s certainly better than many of the pundits predicted for us.

    Injuries were always likely to expose us, and we’ve had a few of the wrong blokes missing just recently. Setanta in particular hurt this week.

    But isn’t this fact a clear indication that we’re off the top pace still?

    What happens from now on will be the real test.

  2. John Butler says

    And Tony,

    I agree with your sentiments re Waite. If he was going to get himself another holiday, it would have been more useful to earn it as you suggested, rather than knocking over rovers.

  3. Tony Robb says

    Hi John.
    The losses wouldnt irk so much if they were having a dip. There was not one player, other than Judd, that you could say had a real crack in the past two weeks. We dont have any hard nuts that can step up when needed and there seems to be a lack of direction in the coaching box at this point in time. Two weeks of allowing the defence to run it out without any pressure. Yarran etc need to become more physical and work harder around the packs. Too many seagulls. And what and the hell is Thornton doing spending so much time up the ground. He is a one directional player who still does far too mant stupid things for such an experienced player. Either cut him or give him one role. Mr Waite has another two weeks off for hitting a little bloke. Disgraceful team ethic. Judd looks friustrated by more than just the umpires. I has alook of a man that has the shits big time with a number of team manter and needs to say so NOW.

  4. Dave Latham says

    …and it’s not burnt Bomber or Pie casserole.

    Walls is getting close to apoplexia again, so you know things aren’t sailing smoothly.

    It’s a shame about Kreuzer, but you have ample ruck stocks and I don’t think it is a bad idea to trade one to Port in a deal for Boak, although your mid is already bloated.

    Maybe a deal involving x ruck, Boak, J Anthony and some picks.

  5. Tony Robb says

    Dave. Hampson will come in this weekend as he’s been going alright.I think kruezer will be missed as a forward option although he was rarely used this season up front. J Anthony in on the nose at the Pies Not sure why with their ordinary fwd set up. The Blues need a couple of tough nuts and dispite having an average height of apprx 191cm they look small and lack body mass. I know lots of young bodies but they need a bit of bulk through the shoulders and arse as they get knocked off the ball too easy. Look at how well Chapman and Bartel goes in the contest to see my point

  6. Dave,

    I’d be keeping the four rucks for just the reason that we’ve seen this week. You need cover.

    It takes too long to develop ruckmen to be trading them away after doing all the hard work.

    I suspected Warnock was a risk because he lacks intensity. Competition sharpens intensity.

  7. Dave Latham says


    Arse, shoulders, Didak like centaur legs and a dowager’s hump all help with keeping the feet.


    True enough, just angling to get Boak into our team.

  8. johnharms says


    Re Sat night. WE had people for dinner so the footy was half on in the background.

    I did see the last quarter though and every time they got close and had control of the footy they mucked it up. How many chances did they have? It was like watching Geelong c2004.


    PS Had 9 holes at Murrumbidgee the other day – after two rounds at the Gold Coast (Glades and the wonderful Hope Island). Must have a hit soon.

  9. Tony Robb says

    Good point about Warnock. He needs to put in a lot more to get a regular gig and having extra boys around certainly makes it harder on him plus Jacobs is a good kid.

    The unforced errors were dreadful but the lack of effort a the 1 st and 2 nd contests was more frustrating over the past two weeks.( North predictably resulting in lots or mirth for the other Robb clan. GR called from San Fransico the prick) Judd needs to put a serious rocket up the midfield and tell a few home truths me thinks.
    Good to hear you dusted off the niblicks. My son and I combined for 51 points in a 4BBB aon saturday with the junior partner carrying the sunstantial weight of his father on his teenage shoulders. Give me a call anytime your up for a hit at Royal Belconnen.

  10. John Butler says


    I’m always a little leery of trying to copy the dominant team too closely. They have their personnel, we have ours. The game style should fit the cattle. Or get new cattle.

    By aping too closely, I think you just end up behind the game, never in front of it.

    I think it’s being forgotten what a low base we’re coming off.

    It’s some of the senior players who bother me the most- Thornton in particular.

    Re the last two weeks, if you’ve lost confidence your effort usually looks poor. Everything looks poor.

  11. Tony Robb says

    JB I couldnt agree more particularly in regard to “senior” players who quite frankly would never have become such had the blues been in stronger position. This is not about aping other teams. Its about being adaptable and being able to play basic footie when required. Our cattle are vealers and need some beefing up. Thornton must be dropped and Gibbs given a proper role on the ball rather than patch up work. The basic back structure is Ok if the mid feild pushes back to help

  12. Tony Nothing like a couple of losses to get the daggers unsheathed at Princes Park !! The Blues are certainly back in the Boiled Lolly division Still waiting for the match report re the great and glorious Shinboner victory .Will it be served with big helpings of humble pie ?.

  13. Tony Robb says

    Your right to express an opinion on this subject is vetoed by your not being on Australian soil. Being in a Commonwealth country doesnt cut it either. Re the Blues/Roos match report, you can part with your hard earned and buy the book

    Hope things are well in the maple leaf state as the same


  14. Tony Still on the big boat in Alaska. Keep bumping into Sheeds. Apparently lumberjacks make great onballers so expect a couple at GWS next year !!Will bring you back a new coach

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