Some one call the health inspector as the kitchen stinks

I can smell what their cooking and it smells and tastes like a Tuesday night stew at Pentridge. Carlton have now successfully turned a promising start to the year into what can only be described as a dark and cold month from hell. After losing three of the last four the Blues now find themselves firmly in the bottom rungs of the eight with only the ineptitude of lower teams keeping them there.

On exposed form, Carlton have been pretty good against the likes of Footscray and Geelong in recent times because they play a similar brand of open and fast footie. Last night that was when any comparisons ended as they failed to bring to the game the stuff that has made the Dogs and the Cats so good in recent years. Commitment to each other and the contest. The Blues turned back the clock four years and were simply outclassed in what was the Dogs best game of the year. Four years ago they had few reasons to disappoint. That time has supposedly passed yet the acceptance of the contest and outcome last had a chilling familiarity.

Mr Butler will no doubt provide more detailed and insightful comment at some stage so I’ll leave the tin tacks to him. However, I believe that a few home truths need an airing from the stench emanating from the kiosk at Princes Park.

Let us start in the box as basically Ratts has had a shocker the past month with failing to make obvious moves being the least of his problems. What concerns me more is those sitting beside him and what influence they may be having on the mindset of the onballers who, apart from the Messiah, have been missing from longer than the SS Minnow. The defensive efforts of Murphy, Carrazzo, Simpson et al are disgraceful. Boys it’s called a football. Try sticking your head over it. Has the greatest seagull ever to play a game in the Navy Blues jumper finally stained the minds of this malleable group of young players. I’m talking to you Craig Bradley. Now Braddles was not a contested ball type player and every team has them. But he made receiving an art form and it appears this trademark has rubbed onto the present group.

Does Carlton have a defensive coach and is it Brett Thornton’s mum. I can think of no other reason why he was left to watch Bazza kick the Sherrin over his head all night. The Blues supposedly have a plethora of ruckmen two of which were belted last night. But he main man did his knee two weeks ago and basically the midfield has fallen to pieces and has shown how much the Kruzecontroller contributed around the ground and how little many other do not.

The early exploits of Satanta and sons have now started to unravel as one would expect from three whippets and an Irishman playing his first season up forward. Little bodies get tired this time of year. A pattern that Collingwood pioneered for over 30 years. So what has the fall back position been Alfred E. You know the old Plan B. Ah, that’s right. He is sitting next the Kreuzer in the stands after whacking another rover two weeks ago. I’m looking at you Jarred Waite.

While recent rule changes have crucified the options of defender I see no reason not to attempt to spoil as I believe it is still permissible. And Ratts, Gibbs goes ok so why not let him have a run more often rather than waiting to chuck him in when the crap hits the fan. Robertson. Great ticker but poor judgment and skills and cannot be played in a team already devoid of bulk and physicality over the ball. At least not in a team that also contains Ryan Houlihan whose aunty is obviously in the box as well.

Not good enough Blues. Nowhere near good enough

About Tony Robb

A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. John Butler says

    Tony, I have the dubious pleasure of writing this one up for the book.

    Given that the Almanac is a family publication, I may have difficulty finding the appropriate description.

    A shocker.

  2. Tony Robb says


    God luck with that one. Why dont you write about the price of pies and beer at Docklands. It would probably have a more postive spin than anthing you could write about the Blues last Sunday. Having said that the Doogies may be back in town after an indifferent year. They played like that did for most of last year and the Blues played like they did from 2002-08.

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