Sheffield Shield Teams 1975/76: Mugs Shot

My recent review of Mike Sexton’s Chappell’s Last Stand has led me back to my cupboard full of cricket yearbooks from the 1970’s.

To save me the trouble of picking out the best bits for your entertainment, have a look instead at Russell Jackson’s blog The Wasted Afternoons.  You can thank me later.

However, I did spy these team photos from the storied, legendary, beer soaked, triumphal-if-your-STD-code-is-(08) domestic season of 1975/76.

Firstly the victors. The skipper warrants two photos, and as a concession to posterity, has buttoned up his shirt in the solo shot. I won’t rest happily until Basil Sellers has all thirteen of these blokes cast in bronze near the VY Richardson water bubbler (plus Rick Drewer, who was dropped for the final two games).

The efforts of SA become even more laudable when that season’s opposition is given the once or twice over.

Have a look at the Bananabenders, very few of these coves didn’t don the Baggy Green at some point. Is this the only team in Shield history where the opening bat was older than the team manager? How did Jeff (nephew of Gil) Langley get a game? Didn’t they read The Advertiser? Maybe he drove Dennis Schuller up from Brown Tce, Salisbury and didn’t have enough petrol money to get back.

There may have been a drinker and/or smoker amongst this lot. There were certainly plenty of blokes with Australian caps (past or future). I loved Rick McCosker, I’m still not sure why. Get that grin off your face Turner, you’ve just busted Thommo’s shoulder with your head you pillock.

The caption for the Sandgropers has its left and right mixed up. Geez though, more famous names. Gramps Brayshaw will be seeing more of the grandsons from now on.

Another shot from the SCG, with a poultice of good ordinary players in the Vic side but still a fistful of fellas with Test caps.


Yep, it was a different time, but I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who recognises more of these names than the 2017/18 equivalents. What about you?



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  1. Bob Blewett looks a man apart, in keeping with his “scab labour” role in the players’ strike orchestrated by Chappelli.

  2. Mark Duffett says

    “I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who recognises more of these names than the 2017/18 equivalents”

    Correct, even though my memories don’t kick in until a season or so later.

    A surprising amount of colour in the SA jumpers, are there any vestiges of this in the current Redbacks getup?

  3. Thanks Swish. This makes an ideal companion for Mike Sexton’s Chappell book, which I’m part way through. Disappointingly, I can’t make out the dental status of Wayne “Fang” Prior from the photo.

    With his legs sticking out Bruce Laird appears much taller than I think he was!

  4. lots of familiar faces in there. Now it is clear why Chapelli wanted so much to with the Sheffield Sheild that year — sibling rivalry!
    What a group of fast bowlers, Lillie, Thommo, Hogg, Walker, Gilmour, even Lenny Pascoe!

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sensational Swish any 1 on face book the above is now on Rodney Hogg,Gary Cosier and Len Pascoe page

  6. Top work Swish. I, like Mickey, am part of the way through the book On Chappelli and the 75-76 season; memories.

    There’s a few chaps there that are no longer with us. John Scholes and Paul Hibbert from the Vics, Terry Jenner from South Australia and Gary ‘Gus” Gilmour from NSW.

    From the ‘Banana Benders’ Sam Trimble and Malcolm Francke would be in their early 80’s .


  7. Well done Swish.
    I am half way through the book on 75/76 season.
    Not quite Chappell’s last stand although he did retire from cricket at the end of the season and played baseball in 76/77. Big stand in 77/78 and 78/79 as captain of the Aussie team in Packers World Series.
    Then played for SA again in 79/80 and by weight of runs forced the Australian selectors to eventually pick him again in the Test side. He batted well and after the game said something along the lines of “ I made a number of people very unhappy today by proving I could still succeed at Test level, so I am very happy.”

  8. Dr Goatboat says

    WA should read right to left, not left to right as indicated…..what a really top level competition when you see these teams….plus touring sides usually played a few of these priori to any test series getting underway… much good cricket then

  9. Some great state teams there. Dare one suggest the difference between SA and Qld was the Chappell captaining? Trevor Laughlin the last player to have the next generation still playing state level cricket (even if it is BBL)?

  10. Some blasts from the past there. Love it. Rod Hogg with a moustache. David Hookes about 10 years old (and a couple of years older than Kim Hughes). Ric Charlesworth squeezing in his time between international hockey, medical studies and ALP branch meetings. Kerry O’Keefe declining the services of half the buttons on his shirt. And didn’t Wally Edwards play a test match around this era?

  11. Mick Jeffrey says

    Graeme Hughes of course is better remembered as playing with his brothers Gary and Mark for Canterbury in the Sydney Rugby League, then called a number of GFs when 10 had the rights.

    Then if you are paying attention they have the names on the WA list the wrong way around, with Kim Hughes on the far left not far right.

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    If I was grumpy I’d point out that I *did* mention that the WA names were reversed, fortunately I’m not.

    Having said that, thanks all for your responses and tidbits, truly a memorable era in many eyes.

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Like that Victoria and Queensland both are all in their woollen jumpers. And Victoria the only team with the logo on the jumper.

    Good work Swish, some seriously good players in these line ups.

  14. Geoff Wilson says

    Great stuff Swish, you obviously rate Chappelli as high as I do, quite simply he is the greatest cricketer of all time.That was also such an amazing era, it had everything. Love all the photos too, well done Mate.

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks again.

    I neglected to mention that these were from the Australian Cricket 1976 Yearbook.

    If you ever come across these or the Cricketer equivalents, snap them up. They are a rich source of memories as they also covered district, women’s and national schoolboy carnivals etc. I once found a team shot of one of the blokes who was doing some tree lopping for us, in a sub-district team from the early 80s that included G Sobers.

  16. greg sherwood says

    Tassie not in the Shield comp?

  17. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    77/78 was Tassie’s first Shield season Greg.

  18. David Lewis says

    I would love to know where Jeff Langley is now. I was an apprentice with him at Chrysler Car plant in the sixties in SA.

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