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True Blue Bloods Shine

Many seemed preoccupied on Friday with a certain royal to-do over in old Blighty (not Malcolm), but those of a more discerning palate would have been privileged to watch a pair of true Blue bloods in action: firstly at the Clyde Hotel for the Footy Almanac lunch, where Ted Hopkins entertained and illuminated as guest [Read more]

Notes on Tom Wills Paintings

By Richard Webber *The Predestination of Tom Wills (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) *Tom Wills Death Scene (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) Thomas Wentworth (Tom) Wills has been popularized as the iconic (heroic?) personality behind the inception of Australian Rules Football. The AFL ‘Tom Wills’ Round, an MCG statue, Geoffrey Blainey’s [Read more]

The Jumper

by Andrew Fithall April 1965. Prep at St Joseph’s Numurkah. The school spanned from Prep to Form 4. Dad had come from his teaching job at the local state primary school to our school to take some boys for football training. My oldest brother Chris was in Form 2 and was staying for training. He [Read more]

The Sounds of Silence

by Steve Fahey   I like this Easter Monday/Anzac Day confluence.  I am not sure when it will happen again, nor whether I will still be breathing when it does, but this year it assisted my enormous privilege to experience two of the great sporting silences on consecutive days. Monday I was of course at [Read more]

Under Wimmera Skies

by Robert Allen The Wimmera Football League (WFL) is a nine team competition based on a string of towns along and adjacent to the Great Western Highway. For many years, the Minyip Double Blues and the Murtoa Kookaburras were bitter rivals in the League, and in its various antecedents dating back to the early 1900s.


You know that game kids play when there is something spooky like a scary movie and you watch between your fingers because you kinda don’t want to watch and you kinda do.  I half-watched St.Kilda half-play last night on the TV.  It was the most reluctant I have ever been to watch a game.  Gone [Read more]

The beautiful game

By Ged McMahon Early in the week I scoffed when someone referred to soccer as “the beautiful game”. Soccer has just never grabbed me. My main beef is the constant diving and staging for free kicks. This is at severe odds to the “show no pain to the opposition” approach of Aussie Rules. Last weekend [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz What a round, eh? The 150th draw in VFL/AFL history (and third in four rounds), Geelong defeated Sydney by the average player-age of the Cats (27) and congratulations to Brisbane and St Kilda, who both managed to get through Round 4 without losing. And in even better news, at least one of [Read more]

Waaia v Tungamah

It has been well documented on the Almanac website that the Waaia Under Seventeens aren’t a good side. We’re a good team, but the quality of some of the players is questionable. So the feeling of walking into the changerooms, knowing that you’re a massive favourite to win comfortably, it was a nice change. The [Read more]

The Poet Laureate of Old Fitzroy

Old Fitzroy, club and suburb, are long gone, except in the memories of those who played there or grew up amongst its pokey houses and grimy streets.  One person who pops up in reminisces about those days and times is Norm Byron, who played a couple of games for the Maroons back in 1918.  But [Read more]

Port no match for the Cats at Kardinia

Sunday afternoon. I am in the position; the same position I’ve been in for almost a fortnight. In bed, leg up. I have a maroon plaster cast from toe-to knee. I am feeling very Queensland and very Fred Flintstone. And pretty sore. A bowtie-wearing surgeon has put my right foot back together. He is a [Read more]

Jermaine’s story

by Tavis Perry Last Friday was a really proud day for myself and the people of Galiwinku. Jermaine Wunungmurra, who had literally just celebrated his 18th birthday, had made the plunge and moved from one of the remotest communities in Australia, to Melbourne. Old Carey, who have been one of the shining lights in the [Read more]

Magpies and Blues Share the Love, But Not The Points

To listen to some media hype is to believe that when the clans of Carlton and Collingwood gather for contest, ruckus melee and mayhem are assured. That the bays of the MCG will resemble King St on a bad night. That riot police are on standby. This is of course a nonsense. It is one [Read more]

The Essence of the Game

During the recent discussion about the claim that the substitution rule has saved the game and that the Almanackery (aided by some bountiful Heathcote vines) influenced this development, JTH challenged us to identify the Essence of the Game.  I thought I’d open the bowling. There’s potentially a PhD thesis in this, and God knows, it’s [Read more]

Leather fish bonding

All you need is one other person and a footy. Is there anything better, other than the game itself, than a bit of kick-to-kick? Eureka Street’s Margaret McCarthy shares her experience at the link below. And the “Vin” Margaret refers to in her piece is none other than Almanacker and drop-kick connoisseur Vin Maskell.

Parisian Melancholy

Round 2 StK v Rich By David Downer A soul-funk singer of Gen-Y disposition yet old world charm, the eclectic Paris Wells featured as this week’s AFL pre-match gift to the “loyal fans”.  A melodic reward for those of us venturing in on a Friday night, resisting the lure of Better Homes and Gardens and [Read more]

Giga Bites 7 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 19th March, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz TIGER TRENDS (1) Depending on which trend-line one follows, the news regarding Richmond’s Round 1 prospects is either bad or worse. If a line is drawn through the Tigers’ last two season-opening clashes against [Read more]

Falcons triumph in the Middle East

The Abu Dhabi Falcons were tense in the sheds before the game. A few were attempting banter but it was difficult to get much more than nervous laughter out of anyone. Uncertainty over what the Doha Kangaroos were capable of was the main concern. That and the fact we were missing three blokes who were pretty handy. Coming [Read more]

Tough Going for Waaia, North and Suns

The long wait was finally over. Everyone was looking forward to this moment. This would shape the whole football season. Waaia v Katunga, the two biggest rivals in Picola District footy were going head to head in the season opener. The routine of getting ready for the footy on a Saturday morning had come back [Read more]


  For those St.Kilda fans that have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and come to the MCG for the last 2 weeks, it continues to be a place of pain and regret.  We haven’t won a major game there in 5 games:  first grand final, second grand final, preliminary NAB against Essendon, a loss [Read more]