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Almanac Art: Footy Grandstands

More great artwork by Mike Hugo including Vic Park and EJ Whitten Stands

Almanac Art: Naomi Le Get’s ‘Cyril’ is up for auction

Have Cyril in your home. ‘Cyril’ is up for auction! Bidding on Naomi Le Get’s striking cover art is now open. You have until Friday Dec 18 to bid. It is a very impressive piece.

Almanac Art: ‘Four of the Best’ by Susan Sutton

‘Four of the Best’ is artist Susan Sutton’s painting depicting the 2015 AFL finals series. It is available for purchase.

Almanac Art: Kate Birrell’s ‘Cyril’

Check out Kate Birrell’s lively, fun painting ‘Cyril’ (which is up for sale).

Almanac Art: Footy grounds and their grandstands

Really interesting representations of iconic footy grounds from artist Mike Hugo. [Definitely worth a look – JTH]

Almanac Art : Sunday Morning

Kate Birrell contemplates the world (pre-game) on a Sunday morning

Almanac Art: Bush Footy Scoreboard and Art Exhibition

W.A Almanackers: The Bush Footy Exhibition is currently on at the Mossenson Gallery in Subiaco, Perth. Les Everett has more details…

First ever Almanac article: Eastlink v RingRoad

We think this is the first ever piece to be published on
And it was from Dips, who is still an advocate of entertaining direct football, and getting crankier and crankier about rubbish, trades, and sloppy surf.

Footy Almanac Art

Grab a glass of cheap champagne – it’s the grand opening of Footy Almanac Art!

Almanac Art (decommissioned)

To visit our new Almanac Art page CLICK HERE.                                       Click on the images below to view the artists’ bio and other artist information.  

Almanac artists will paint you the world’s most personal gift

Looking for a brilliant gift? Get one of our artists to knock up a portrait.

Almanac Art (pen and ink): Free Footies

Kate Birrell takes 3 boys on a footy odyssey to Fed Square, where they learn the value of patience, honesty and the Fremantle team song. Will her sacrifice be rewarded with a Hawks victory tomorrow?

Almanac Art: Footy Fun Day

You may have seen Jack Riewoldt riding to school on his bike this week. School kids are celebrating Footy Fun Day, or Footy Colours Day, this month by wearing their team colours in support of a charity.

Almanac art (pen and ink): Lunchtime Footy

Kate Birrell’s young lad opened up about a game of lunchtime footy to his mum. It’s a story with a sad ending.

Almanac Art: Lounge Room Footy

I didn’t go to any footy games this weekend but for some reason I feel as if I did, and not one, but many.

Almanac Art (pen and ink): Game by the Beach

Boys love a muddy oval (and a bit of footy, too).

Almanac art (pen and ink): Sunday’s Game

For those not familiar with the routine of Sunday Morning Junior Footy….the parents are as much part of the game as the kids are. This is a game that operates in much the same way as a theatrical work in that it has many roles to be filled.

Almanac Art: Nice kick Jack

Jack’s grandmother is not only filling the child care void created by school holidays, but she is also archiving her grandchildren’s “Nice Kicks”.

Almanac Rugby League – Convent Kids in Clydesdale Country (Part 2)

Damian Roache concludes his tale of his childhood days playing in the Toowoomba-based junior rugby league Catholic Convent Competition.

Almanac Rugby League – Convent Kids in Clydesdale country (Part 1)

In our continuing series on rugby league stories, Damian Roache sets the background to his childhood days playing in the Convent Schools competition in Toowoomba. His story concludes tomorrow.