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Almanac Footy: Tom Wills – A bit of care is necessary

Roy Hay responds to recent revelations on Tom Wills, and to Andrew Starkie’s piece on the subject.

Tom Wills – what happens now?

Andrew Starkie asks how we might respond to recent research which suggests that iconic Australian sports figure Tom Wills was ‘a member of a party that hunted down and slaughtered hundreds of Aboriginals in reprisal for the murder of his father and others in outback Queensland…’ (Challenging indeed – Ed.)

Tom Wills Bibliography

Johnhenry Holmes has taken an interest in Tom Wills for many years. During this time he has compiled a bibliography of items relating to Tom Wills. Paddy Grindlay – who has been our W.K. Trewick Scholar (thanks in part to Chris Bracher’s generous donation) spent a recent week compiling it in this post. (Thanks Paddy). We hope to have another Tom Wills Dinner in the lead up to the forthcoming Ashes series.

Tom Wills Society

The Tom Wills Society (TWS) was established in October 2016 to commemorate and perpetuate the tragic life and outstanding sporting deeds of Thomas Wentworth Wills (1835-1880) one of the Founding Fathers and co-writer of the original rules of Australian Football. Tom was an Australian Rules player, coach and umpire involved with the establishment of the [Read more]

The grave of Tom Wills’ cousin, H C A Harrison at Boroondara General Cemetery

John Holmes has spent years researching and listing the location of our many Australian Sports Monuments and sportsmen’s grave sites. Many years ago after visiting Tommy Wills’ grave, he located that of his cousin HCAH.

Almanac Cricket (Tom Wills Society): Clay Pipes or Half Pipes?

Phil Dimitriadis explains why Bood from Croxton Cricket Club and Tom Wills are more than likely to be kindred spirits.

Tom Wills Grave Restoration: The Guardian’s Article

Russell Jackson from The Guardian writes about the Tom Wills Grave Restoration Restoration, after spending the morning with the Almanac’s own Phil Dimitriadis. [Another sensitive piece – JTH]

Tom Wills Grave Restoration: A New Beginning

Tom Wills Grave has finally been restored. Phil Dimitriadis thanks the key people involved in this grand project and those that helped with financial support in a touching tribute. [The work of Phil in this project is not to be neglected, cheers to you Phil – Ed]

Almanac History: A Tom Wills doco, two articles and some news on the gravesite restoration.

See the Tom Wills doco now – it’s 45 minutes well worth spending. Read a couple of articles about the doco. And see where the gravesite restoration is up to.

Almanac Documentaries: Tom Wills (Aug 7,10,13)

Greg de Moore’s biography of Tom Wills has been made into a documentary. It is being shown this coming week on Aug 7, 10 and 13. Here’s a sneak preview.

Marngrook, Tom Wills and the Continuing Denial of Indigenous History

Colin Ritchie shares a link to an article that provides an in-depth analysis and historical overview of all aspects of the origins of Australian football. Very much worth a read.

Tom Wills, Macca and Marius on Sunday morning

Marius Cuming talks with ABC Radio’s Macca on Sunday morning about Tom Wills, his grave restoration project, cricket and local weather.

Tom Wills Grave Restoration – Last Day Update!

It is the last day of the Tom Wills Grave Restoration Project… Check out how it has gone!

An open letter to Tom Wills

With just a few days to go in the crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary cash to repair Tom Wills grave, Marius Cuming has penned this letter to Tom.

Tom Wills Project: Auction of rare book

As part of the Tom Wills grave restoration project Gareth Andrews has donated a copy of the wonderful and rare book Wills Way. We are auctioning it here on the site.

Tom Wills, Weddos and the scorn of the village

In his confronting and honest post, Phil Dimitriadis discusses his link to Tom Wills, Weddings Parties Anything, The Almanac and his own struggles.

Tom Wills Country or how the legend has taken over

With the ongoing discussion/debate on Tom Wills and the footy origins, Roy Hay has presented an important survey into the practice of history and the methods of historians. [A worthy read – Ed]

Anastasios (Tom) Dimitriadis and the Tom Wills grave restoration project

What has Tom Dimitriadis got to do with the Tom Wills grave restoration project? Thanks to all of those who have made a contribution already. [This is the text of last Friday’s Almanac e-newsletter]

Tom Wills grave restoration: one of the fathers of football needs our help

Australia’s first sporting legend and the father of Australian football lies in a crumbling grave in a Melbourne cemetery. With a largely unknown but extraordinary life story, Tom Wills deserves a final resting place in better condition. With the blessing of the Wills family, The Footy Almanac is now raising funds to renovate the gravesite.

Tom Wills: books, plays, references in works of history, art work

What do we know of Tom Wills? Here are a few books and other works where he is depicted. Please add others.