School Visits

Almanac School Visits


If you would like more information about having one of the Almanackers visit your school, please contact coordinator Ned Wilson.


John Harms (writer/sports historian/broadcaster) – Vic/SA/Qld/national

Sean Gorman (writer/Indigenous Studies academic)  –  WA/national

Anson Cameron (writer) – Vic

Tony Wilson (writer – kids’ books, novels, non-fiction, features) – Vic

Phil Dimitriadis (writer, academic, ESL teacher – multicultural specialist) – Vic

Mike Sexton (writer/ABCTV reporter) – SA

Andrew Starkie (writer/teacher/youth mentor) – Vic

Jim Pavlidis (artist/illustrator) – Vic

Martin Tighe (artist) – Vic

David Bridie (musician) – Vic

Craig Little (writer/communications expert) – Vic

Peter Flynn (mathematician/writer) – Vic/national

David Wilson (meteorologist/writer) – Vic

Cheryl Critchley (writer/journalist) – Vic

Angela Pippos (writer/broadcaster) – Vic/SA

Bill Ellis (writer/zoologist) – Qld/national

Bob Utber (writer/broadcaster/youth mentor) – Vic/SA/NSW