SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Slow Recovery and Finding Beauty of the Sport

A lot of energy was consumed yesterday to write the test cricket report. But I am fulfilled.

On the other hand, tiredness stays in my body today that is caused by not only yesterday’s hardwork but also the restless night (I have been facing difficulty in sleeping this month). I am sorry to say, but I will make an easy day today.

Thank you Steve, our editor, for your great help including advising me the good website to follow cricket. You are the legend!

At 11:00 am local time (1:00 pm AEDT), I checked with the score that was read at 4-420. Australia was caught two wickets today. They must be tired as well…

Thirty minutes later, the score was 4-441. Meanwhile I started researching about English magazines published in Japan with hopes I can get a job from one of them. But a relevant CNN article got attention from me and I was reading it with much less physical energy.

The score board at 11:40 am (1:40 pm AEDT) said 4-457. During the last ten minutes, I learnt that only a few English magazines were available here in Japan and online media replaced printed magazines seemed to have only volunteers or interns. I seemed to need to move on Plan B for potential employment…

During the lunch break, I watched two videos uploaded on trying to find beauty of the sport. What I meant is writing about beauty of the sport as having an easy day, although great scene can be only seen on videos on some cricket sites.

Sorry, I will tell you what I find through watching videos later. At 1:20 pm (3:20 pm AEDT), the score was read at 5-538. Ouch! Australia was caught with another wicket.

Batsmen need to be flexible to hit the ball. They might have to stretch arms to reach the ball to hit. Angles of the bat need to be flexible. It is a great stuff.

Skipper Steve Smith’s milestone of making a century in all four Tests of a four-Test series is brilliant. He just not covers Michael Clarke’s absence, but made a wonderful record. It is beautiful.

Positive and powerful emotion comes up when the ball goes straight into the stand or is bounced just behind the boundary, the situations where the batsman is awarded with six or four runs. Brilliant!

I have discovered beauty of cricket as well as impression of the sport. Boredom of cricket was the past thinking and feeling for me.

It was 1:40 pm (3:40 pm SEDT) and time for me to make the next life Plan B. 6-546 was the score; another wicket was given. No-o-oh!!!

My thinking about extra miles to offer for the next job was stuck at 2:30 pm (4:30 pm AEDT), so I checked the score. It said: Australia 7-572 (declared the close of the inning) and India 1-15.

As I am kind of new to the sport, I have no idea about declare or why Australia decided for declare. But I was happy to see Australia has already got a wicket from India!

In between thinking about the future, I checked the score on two sites at 2:58 pm (4:58 pm AEDT). It was India 1-28 on while 1-41 on Once again thank you Steve to tell me about the

Two minutes later, an idea came up. I might need to refresh the page of to get accurate score while the other site does not need to be refreshed that the site suggests us.

As I was doing multi-tasks again today, I decided to watch a video at 3:07 pm (5:07 pm AEDT). I found the good one to see how India was caught with a wicket. Mitch Starc bawled with good stepping on the bawling boundary line and the ball was bounced with low height. Murali Vijay hit the ball and it went straight to a wicketkeeper. It was another beauty of cricket. Well done Aussies!

At 4:08 pm (6:08 pm AEDT), I learnt that the day had finished with Australia: 7-572 (declare) and India: 1-71. I hope the Team Australia will get more wickets tomorrow.

Have a good night Almanackers. Bye for now.

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  1. Yoshi,
    It looks like you are starting to get the hang of Test cricket.
    It takes time, but you are doing well.

  2. G’day Smokie,

    Thanks for your compliment on what I have been doing and advice on watching the test cricket.

    All the best


  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi, can you get ABC Grandstand on Tune In Radio or on Digital RAdio? Then you can listen to the best commentary around. They seem to replay the highlights late into every night, so it’s a great way to learn more from people who have played the game and often the guys are diverted by funny stories or interesting cricket history. You are doing very well in slowly picking up a sport that’s entirely new, in language, scoring, legnth and so forth. Enjoy


  4. Hi Yvette,

    Thanks for your advice and warm compliment. Yesterday Steve emailed me and gave me the similar advice you did. But I don’t think I am able to get live ABC Grantstand on TuneIn App. But I will try to listen to replay when I have time.

    Are you enjoying cricket?

    Have a good weekend :)


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