Scenes from the Manning Clark Cricket Dinner and Lecture 2012

Photos by Yvette Wroby

John Harms opens the batting

Campbell Bairstow, from Trinity College, spoke of Manning Clark's cricketing prowess.

Gideon Haigh introduces our guest


Ed Cowan delivered



  1. If that’s Daff in picture 5 he certainly has cleaned up his hair cut act since going over to the other side.

    Or is he just preparing the podium look for the Tigers Grand Final cup presenration this year.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    EJM Cowan was outstanding.

    No corporate speak. No jargon. No crap.

    He spoke like a cricketer. People who have played cricket could relate to many of his thoughtful remarks.

    So also could people that haven’t played the game. Very impressive.

    I hope he makes it in Test cricket.

  3. John Butler says

    PJF, I’d second that on all counts.

  4. Peter Flynn says


    He also answered questions with a refreshing candour.


  5. Would like to have been there.

    Did anyone ask which cricketer in world cricket he dislikes the most?

  6. A most enjoyable and informative evening. Congratulations to all concerned. Ed was a terrific speaker. May his career continue to flourish.

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