SANFL Second Semi-final – Woodville-West Torrens Eagles v Port Adelaide Magpies

It may have been in name only, but Port did get “revenge” on the Eagles at the Adelaide Oval, as PETER SWEENEY reports.


It was the day after the night before.


The colours were the same – black and white and blue and gold – but the crowd much, much thinner.


And there was anything but the same dramatic finish. Actually, this wasn’t a game, it was a shame. Unless you are one-eyed Port, which means unless you barrack for the Magpies.
The South Australian version of the Eagles – Woodville West Torrens – had finished top of the tree. One wouldn’t have known such judging by the opening quarter, in which the Eagles had to wait until after the quarter time siren before opening their score – a poster. By that time, the Magpies had 5.5. on the board.


The Eagles first term was so bad, one of their players, looking for a team-mate to clear from defence, turned around and kicked the ball straight through the Magpie goals. All it did was spark the verbals.


“You blokes have kicked more for us than you have for yourselves,” one Port fan said.
And another: “I’m starting to feel a bit better after last night.”
When the same Eagle marked in defence soon after his errant kick, one Port wag yelled out “have a shot.”


During the first term, Brett Eddy took a strong mark. “Gee, he’s got a baby-looking face,” one Sturt fan observed while looking at the replay on the screen. He wasn’t being nasty, just passing judgement.


When the ball sailed straight through the hi diddle, diddle, the man added: “But he can kick.”


There weren’t too many Sturt fans left. Hundreds of them had exited after the Blues had beaten Central District to earn a spot in the preliminary final. Doggie followers had followed suit, their late and valiant charge at the premiership cup coming to a halt. The exodus of so many before the main game carried a strong message: who cares about Port if you’re not one of ‘em?


But love ‘em or hate ‘em – and when it comes to Port there seems no middle ground, no grey area – Port get tongues wagging.


And on Sunday they also had tails chasing – and nearly much more after a WWT fan blurted “come on Eagles, they’re soft – just like the Power.”


“How long ya been rehearsing that for mate?’ came one of the retorts.

Nearing half time, a WWT supporter turned to a couple of mates and inquired: “I either want a drink or I’m driven to it.”


A ground level bar in the members’ area was isolated.


“It sure was different last night,” a woman worker said.

“We closed late in the first game. And then when it was a draw, we had to re-open.”


Out in the middle today, Port had closed the Eagles down from the opener. The Eagles only kicked 20 points in the first half and another 20 in the second half.


All that was left was to discuss, or argue over, was the rights or wrongs of the Magpies having a side in the SANFL.


But rightly or wrongly, they’re there. And are the side to beat on Sunday week.



  1. Peel did a number on league leaders Subiaco in the WAFL Second Semi on the weekend. Seems that all the Dockers and Power are good for is stuffing up the local comp. At least the Crows and the Eagles have the good grace not to give a stuff at local level.
    “Money doesn’t talk; it swears”.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    You should’ve seen me fist pumping as I drove homeward along Punt Road when Centrals got a run on in the third quarter.

    I was home in time to catch the last quarter, alas the brave Doggies just fell short.

    Ain’t technology grand.

    Thanks for filling us in Peter.

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