SANFL Round 14 – Sturt v Norwood: Redlegs go bang in record last quarter blitz

Norwood 20.12 132 def Sturt 11.12 78

GOALS Norwood: Hamilton 4; Panos, Shenton 3; Abbott, Phillips 2; Bode, Georgiou, Dawe, Wilson, Smart, Wilkins
Sturt: Greenslade, M. Evans, Dodd 2; Battersby, Thiele, Munn, Riley, Osborn

BEST Norwood: Baulderstone, Nunn, Grigg, Panos, Fuller, Abbott, Hamilton, McKenzie, Shenton
Sturt: Battersby, Colquhoun, Kirkwood, Stephens, Riley, M. Evans, F. Evans, Harms

Robranesque – quite the praise from Rulebook!

Norwood produced their highest last quarter score in its proud and illustrious history, kicking 13.1 79 to Sturt 0.1 1 – a remarkable 78 point turnaround to win by 54 points after being down by 24 points at three quarter time (don’t Sturt Supporters love that number 78!)

With the wind in the last quarter the ‘legs were breathtaking and exciting, we really were elite, and while it was a fantastic team effort Matty Panos was truly remarkable. He was Robranesque, kicking three goals himself and being involved in the majority of scoring. As I have said before it is the greatest farce in footy that he is not on an AFL list. Sam Baulderstone got right on top in ruck and gave gilt edged service to Panos, Mitch Grigg and Matty Nunn on ball. Cameron Shenton, who had played a variety of roles (wing, the plus one in defence), was moved to centre half forward and kicked three goals.

Will Abbott (reigning FA Bloch medalist) contributed significantly. Declan Hamilton was elusive, kicking a couple, and defender Mitch Wilkins added a peach. Matty Fuller, who had been a good contributor in the first three quarters, went to another level. Lewis Johnston worked hard and with his disposal was very important. Ed Smart with dash and creativity was impressive.

Down to the nuts and bolts of the matter it is the most dominant quarter of footy I have seen against strong opposition (thanks Neags). Let’s remember Sturt are the reigning back to back premiers. Distinguished Sturt supporter Stephen Hunt put it succinctly describing it as have hated the result but it was amazing footy to watch.

The Redlegs faithful cheer the boys off the ground

Sturt opened the game very well with their pace troubling the ‘legs. John Greenslade kicked two goals, Mark Evans was proving elusive as the lead up forward while Josh Dodd was dangerous and James Battersby and Zane Kirkwood were as always contributing. Sam Colquhoun’s work rate was aiding the blues – at quarter time they led by 27 points. We debated at quarter time what the breeze was worth, the consensus was around three goals.

The Redlegs had the breeze in the second quarter and bombarded the goals but kicked six straight points. The game was then a bit of an arm wrestle until the last five minutes before half time when the ‘legs kicked three including a goal from Alex Georgiou – the fifth of his career (he detailed all five in the rooms afterwards. Thank goodness it wasn’t as many goals as Glenn McGrath took wickets). The goal had grown to 60 metres out in the rooms. By now I reckon he would have been on Unley Road (love your dry sense of humour, Alex).

So, at half time the Double Blues led by five points. The Sturt twin towers in defence, Jack Stephens and Fraser Evans, had been very good. Stephens has been the premier defender in the SANFL for the last two seasons (bemusing also that he, also, is not on an AfL list).

In the third quarter the Redlegs were good defensively for the first part of the quarter until Sturt kicked three goals. One came through conceding a poor after-disposal free kick and Jack Osborn the beneficiary of a soft holding on free kick. Mitch Grigg missed a set shot, kicking out on the full with the last kick of the third quarter. At lemons time the blues led by 24 points. We wondered whether the miss would be costly. I am delighted to report that I could not have been more wrong. The ‘legs simply irresistible in the last quarter.

Gill Carter and David Leach have been attending the SANFL together for 50 years

So the ‘legs move two games clear in the top three and play West Adelaide on Friday night, while Sturt play Woodville West Torrens at Oval Avenue in a huge game for the Double Blues’ double chance aspirations.

What a day! Go you mighty Redlegs!


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  1. Andrew Killey says

    I can’t remember game like this. Proof of our motto “Fortis in porcella”. Astonishing!

  2. Wow, that was fun.
    Pure footy, grab the ball and move it forward at all cost.
    Back your mates, have fun and most importantly embarrass the pillow biters on dog shit park!!

    And the Indigenous Guernsey was brilliant as well!!

  3. Succinctly put, Malcolm. Looking back on the game now: the ‘legs showed signs of what they were able to do with the wind at their back in the 2nd quarter–5.7–one shot less than their 4th quarter domination. 27 scoring shots to one end is nuts.

  4. The important part is the players know they can beat any side. Hard to believe given the start to the season.

  5. Simply incredible

  6. Raf Sterk says

    That was great to watch. Sturt supporters were absolutely stunned.

  7. Dwayne Fuller says

    I’m still stunned it was an absolute pleasure being there to see such an onslaught of champagne football I was quietly confident at 3/4 we would win going to the scoring end of the ground but I don’t think anyone realistically thought that would happen
    REDLEGS 100%

  8. Manny Koufalakis says

    Ask me if I’m happy, go on!

    Havent seen the likes of that last quarter in 50 years, absolutely mesmerising.

    Still Sturt were flag favourites last week after demolishng North and look what happened yesterday.

    We cant get ahead of ourselves but dare I say I am QUIETLY confident we can go all the way!

  9. I kept an eye on the scores and noted that it was close, but lost track as the game at Glenelg predictably tightened up in the final quarter. A thirteen goal term! Must have been astonishing. With each forward fifty entrance a certain inevitability presents itself.

    Despite their recent success Sturt was on the wrong end of a similar result at Glenelg in 2011 when they established a near fifty-point lead early in the last term before the Tigers kicked ten straight to win. Poignantly this game, while only a few years ago, was in front of 5,500 people. This figure seems utterly unattainable today.

    Thanks Malcolm. The local premiership race is opening up enticingly.

  10. Dave Brown says

    Start of the last quarter thought we’d possibly given ourselves too much work to do. 10 minutes later, worried we might have reached parity too quickly, giving them time to respond. The next 9 goals were progressively more glorious. When on, the Redlegs are irrepressible at the moment. Delightful!

  11. Charlie Brown says

    Malcolm why do you think it is that Panos is not on an AFL list? Given Carlton have come out stating that they need some more mature bodies is he half a chance of going there?

  12. Rabid Dog says

    Seem to recall that Ceeeeeeentrals did something similar to the Legs back in the 90s. Under lights. 15 goals in the last quarter( unless my memory really is failing me). GLORIOUS!

  13. Great write up, what a great turnaround by Norwood. Caught the game on TV and thought we’d need a big effort to win at 3QT, luckily it was a massive effort and one of the biggest final quarters I’ve seen. What a great effort to not only come back into it and win, but to have a score that made it look like an easy win despite being down for most the game.

  14. Stephen Hunt says

    Great article Rulebook. Yep, us Sturt supporters were simply stunned. Just incredible to watch a team that is in the zone.

  15. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Andrew it was very much Fortis in porcella and astonishing.Fester yes it just gathered crescendo and became fun with the legs supporters just laughing and the double blues followers doing there best,Marcel Marceau impersonation.Dennis yes on reflection we did dominate large parts of the 2nd stanza but poor goal kicking let us down.Stuart remarkable turnaround.Raj and Raf yep.Dwayne and Manny well summed up exactly how I feel.Mickey crowd at Unley was 3,800 ( seemed more ) would have been interesting to see how many if it had been a non tv but in general sadly you are spot on and yes it did become seemingly inevitable that the legs were going to goal,21 inside,50s to 4 in the last q.Dave you summed up how I felt as well perfectly.Charlie I think it is a case of Panos had been on a list so clubs don’t look closely enough as a kid he was a key forward and he is to small for that role at afl level and had injury problems which scares clubs off it is bizarre as I honestly think he would be in the majority if not all 18 clubs sides like,Kane Lambert.Rabs a vague distant disastrous memory you dogs have done a job on us at the ponderosa on several occasions.Campbell yes a final margin of 54 points just suggests a easy win a incredible mind boggling quarter thanks folks

  16. Robert Bria says

    Malcolm like you I couldn’t quite figure out what the breeze was worth at quarter time but by half time thought it was worth 3-4 goals. The boys stuck at it in the second quarter and did well to be 5 points down at half-time (although they should have been in front). I wasn’t too worried at the last change because I was confident the ‘Legs would kick at least four goals to bring it down to the wire. One we were two goals in front the Double Blues throw in the towel. I was sitting near John Halbert and Peter Motley who were stunned. Truth be told, so was I.

  17. Sounds like an amazing last term, RB.

    Just curious – what sort of crowd figures do the Redlegs draw to home matches?

  18. Was an absolute privilege to say that was my debut at a SANFL game. I umpired local footy earlier and got there for the last quarter. With a great hotdog in one hand, the Adelaide Hills as a backdrop, it reminded me of a glorious spring blue sky.

    Who said non AFL footy is dead. See you Friday.

  19. Jill Tahtra says

    Wow. What a game. However did you keep your great comments to just this much, if it was the Eags I`d still be writing! What a game Norwood, unbelievable, and against a top side too. wow.

  20. Cameron Glenn says

    Wow what a final 1/4 by Norwood. Brilliant stuff. Trail by 24, kick 13 goals and win by 54. It was a great experience. Seen 3 amazing away wins by Norwood against West, Port and now Sturt and glad to have been there for all 3. The southern end took a lot of scoring including 18/20 Norwood goals. Similar thing happened in reserves which also was a great win for Norwood. Glenelg had 1 goal scored at one end while the rest at the other so it wasn’t just Unley with a scoring end. SANFL Showdown also with a scoring end too. Those final terms by Norwood at a lot of games have been amazing especially those 3 away games I saw. Brilliant stuff. Bet a lot of Norwood fans wish they were there to experience that win. Sturt fans looked stunned.

    Love the indigenous guernseys. All clubs did well with them.

    Bring on the bloods in Friday night footy at the parade. Go Legs!

  21. Roberto Allevi says

    The best qtr of footy I have seen , complete domination, now we must keep it going ,#legs4life

  22. Stan the Man says

    The comeback vs Sturt in the 78 grand final was a sensational effort that we still talk about. 40 years ago J Wynne and friends delivered a bomb to Sturt that took them decades to recover. The 13 goal smashing in the last qtr yesterday could potentially have similar consequences…. they have the Eagles next week I hope they recover to do a number on the Eagles for us. They have to deal with this. Hopefully Mattner will sort them out and we can replay them for the 40 year anniversary of the 78 GF….that will be nice hey.

    Rulebook the writing was on the board the NWD reserves also kicked 10 goals in the last qtr to get up and win…. whats the odds off that happening. A bit more than the $17 on offer for Nwd to go top after they lost to Roosters earlier in the year.

    Love your work Rulebook.

  23. Dave Ridge says

    Well done again Malcolm. Where do you start with that last quarter??? Coach Cotton summed it up the best when he said “Wow Wee!!”. Wow Wee indeed.
    I witnessed the single greatest quarter of football I will ever probably see by our beloved Redlegs. It was simply flawless. The 100% slogan we always associate with our Norwood ethos has had performances of the past come within reach. Performances that were almost classified as perfect.
    100% is perfection. For one quarter, just 30 or so minutes on a Saturday afternoon at Unley Oval, perfection in my mind was attained. NFC 100%

  24. Lovely lisa says

    Sounds like a cracking game, if only the mighty Redlegs came to Shanghai……….

  25. Great wrap, Rulebook – sounds like an incredible game…

  26. Jeff Milton says

    Great write up Malcolm. Last quarters have been very good this year but that was unbelievable. May never be repeated again. It was not like it was against weak opposition.
    40th anniversary of the 1978 GF coming up so would be great to see both teams in the GF again. Anything could happen.

  27. Just unbelievable! Last weekend’s results showed that the Eagles and the Redlegs are a cut above the rest of the competition this season. The Redlegs were impressive and bodes well for the run towards the Finals.

  28. I don’t think I have seen 13 kicked in one quarter, is there anywhere online to see this crazy stuff?
    Well done mal

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Robert well thought out as usual yes the double blue followers were swallowing tadpoles in the last q.
    Smokie unfortunately they have dropped we are prob averaging around the 2,500 mark I don’t think the programming has helped our night games should be at the start of the season not the next two fridays.
    Jason wow to get that as a introduction you were v lucky welcome aboard see ya Friday.Jill ha ha good on you yes it was incredible.Cameron yes incredible and full congrats to Anthony Wilson of Norwood and
    Byron Sumner of Sturt for the indigenous guernseys they were both brilliant.Roberto agreed best q of footy I have ever seen.Stan the man we made sure the 78 gf got a mention amongst the double blues faithful in the last q geez I wish catching fish was as easy yes the odds have dropped a tad !
    Dave it was like we were guests at a five star banquet for 30 minutes it was extraordinary.LL if only we had a game in Shanghai.Milts I think our last quarters and Matty Panos fitness go hand in hand his amazing individual efforts have had the team jump aboard and carried along for the ride.Paul while we are looking good it’s still only,July.Riverboy it’s on 7 plus I think I will chase up thanks folks

  30. Grizzly Adams says

    Every time I see Panos, he reminds me of Fonzi, especially with his ?

  31. Steven Ronson says

    Malcolm – you’ve summed it well – it was simply the most extraordinary quarter of football I’ve seen – in addition to the Nos, Grigg’s skills were simply divine and Abbott’s fearlessness inspired the team – there were no passengers, it was just a team that believes in itself and clearly has total respect for each other and, importantly, the coach and staff – this is exciting footy

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Grizzly Adams re above is re Panos thumbs up

  33. I think my favourite moment was when the commentators on Ch7 pointed out that Norwood had used all of their subs but it looked like the goal ump at the northern end would need a spell on the bench soon as he was getting sore arms! LOL

  34. Geoff Wilson says

    Great report Malcolm. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarters of football that I have ever seen. There is something special building here, but it is only July, a lot of work to be done yet. Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  35. Martin Rumsby says

    What a privilege to be able to see a performance like the last quarter at Unley. It was totally unexpected because it was so much out of context in relation to the first three quarters. Whilst one outstanding doesn’t guarantee anything, it does provide optimism for the remainder of the season. West Adelaide is the next big test.

  36. Malcolm Ashwood says

    BT that is superb,Geoff and we have seen the odd quarter of the legs it was extraordinary the atmosphere was incredible redleg supporters just laughing in a state of euphoria with the double blues followers mouth open like the clowns at the show.Martin succinct and spot on as always thank you

  37. Great account of the game for one very happy red and blue blooded supporter currently in Copenhagen

  38. Michael Rehn says

    A great write up Malcolm of a game in which the last quarter at least will remain permanently etched in many supporters memory banks. I think enough was shown for us to know that we have what it takes to get the job done, it’s a matter of staying grounded, focussed and committed to the work required !!!

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks JC glad you enjoyed it have fun.Michael yes attitude this week is vital it was such a joyous and being honest surreal quarter hope we are focused fri night ! Thank you

  40. Luke Reynolds says

    Wow, what a quarter, great write up as usual Malcolm. Seems like the Redlegs season is really building into something quite special.

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