Saints High Performance Camp in Queenstown, New Zealand

Last weekend, St Kilda Footy Club related news on social media and posted articles about our boys’ High Performance Camp in Queenstown, New Zealand. The content included links to Channel 7 News videos where Tom Browne reported from Queenstown, and that I have watched.

On Saturday, the Saints started a boxing session at six in the morning. Danny Frawley says that boys get up early and going to bed late to discover pushing up. I feel the boxing session is one of programs learning how to push up games and ladder up.

Then boys were on a ground running around and gaining game skills. While gaining game skills with balls, Frawley taught how to catch a ball and senior coach Alan Richardson was in a helicopter seeing whole ground. The training at the ground is good to improve play skills and I believe the Saints will play better in the 2015 Season.

Meanwhile David Armitage braved being in icy waters repaying the faith to the Saints. Armitage is willing to take a leadership and thinks not creating an age gap is important. It is good and he learns from negative sides of Ross Lyon play list.

One of the purposes of the camp is to develop leadership skills among young blokes, Browne reports. Also boys had a hill running session late afternoon lasting over an hour. Players are training hard, I can see from the news report.

Then on Sunday, the boys started with a 33-kilometre mountain bike ride including seeing stunning lake views on the trail. Seeing such  beautiful scenery seems a good reward for the hard work and I hope the boys enjoyed. After the bike session, players did some white water rafting on the Kawarau River to gain important skills going to one direction. Sadly some players fell out into waters, but I believe they gained knowledge of importance of team work and seeking the best options to win games.

Watching these videos brings me positive feelings for the mighty Saints. St Kilda players will be stronger day by day and competitive in the 2015 Season. Not only boys but also the coaches are doing good work.

I wish all the best to St Kilda players and coaches as well as club staff members and fellow St Kilda fans. I appreciate Browne and Channel 7 for great reports and St Kilda Footy Club for uploading wonderful videos.

Saints will ‘go marching in’ more in 2015.

Go the Saints!

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  1. Neil Anderson says

    We are spoiled these days Yoshi with the video footage and newspaper coverage of our teams training and showing us the new recruits settling in. It is such a positive feeling to see to a full complement of players training before injuries have time to occur.
    In the bad old days of the 1950’s and 60’s there was no pre-season coverage at all and the first round of football didn’t start until sometime in April.
    Probably like StKilda, the Western Bulldogs runs their own Bulldog TV and keeps members informed with the latest videos showing profiles of new recruits and training at Whitten Oval as well as match-day details and injury updates later on.
    I did see the Saints white-water rafting and hoped for your sake and Yvette’s sake there were no injuries as they went into the water. The newspaper coverage of the NZ training was really positive. I bet you wish you were there.

  2. G’day Neil.

    Thanks for your comment. I heard about no footy news coverage in the past from recent published article here. Now it seems 24/7/365 footy and cricket.

    Yes, every footy club broadcasts its own TV on club’s website and now uses social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). Then news spread so quick.

    I wish I could be in Queenstown and have interviewed players and reported. Sadly I have never been to Queenstown, so going over there adds into my bucket list.

    By the way, where are Bulldogs having a camp?



  3. Neil Anderson says

    It’s a bit unclear even with all the information provided by the Club where the main summer camp will be. I did see Orlando Florida mentioned somewhere and they will be in Ballarat in early March. They are keen to have links with Ballarat and will be playing a pre-season match there.
    Ballarat is only about two hours drive for me so I will travel there for any matches played including Footscray games in the VFL.

  4. Hi Neil again,

    I heard that the Ballarat footy stadium would be upgraded so that your beloved Bulldogs would host three games a year from 2017 onward but it would be postponed to 2018. It must be for you to watch Doggies games over there. I didn’t know that the VFL counterpart (Footscray Bulldogs) were playing in Ballarat.

    Some AFL clubs are having training camps in the US, aren’t they (including the Bulldogs)? The Saints used to have the one in Colorado, but are in Queenstown. I’m happy that the club shows loyalty and great bonds with New Zealand.

    Cheers :)


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