Round 9 – Sydney v Collingwood: Frustrating (Floreat Pica Society)

by Pam Lowther

Normally we travel up to this game but this year we gave it a miss and watching it on Kayo at home it was clear that we weren’t missing much.

First quarter: we started well everything was going our way and we actually got a score on the board. Tackling and running – it was very encouraging. Hoskin-Elliot was everywhere and De Goey was lively kicking two nice goals. Daicos and Crisp were doing some nice things also. We really seemed to be switched on and ready for a good game.

Second quarter: they started to put more pressure on us which led to more fumbles, silly handballs and very ordinary decision making. Keane looks likely at times but like Magden you feel nauseous when they have  the ball in hand and need to make a decision.

Third quarter was much the same. Maynard was standing up down back and playing much better than previous weeks. The Swans were running us off our feet. Their forwards were pushing up the ground taking our backs and then their backs would win the ball and kick it over the top and they would run into an open forward line. We, on the other hand, would get it forward and kick it directly to a Swans backman. Frustrating to watch. l can only imagine how the forwards feel week-in week-out.

Final quarter: we finally scored a goal – our fifth and final one. We did seem to get a few more chances but couldn’t quite get the score on the board. Even though they seemed to be all over us l still had hope of a win in that last quarter because we did get the ball in our forward fifty, but just couldn’t capitalise.

All in all l think given that we had five first year players in the team who didn’t contribute much at all l think it was a decent effort. The Swans are a good team with some very talented players and should be around about at the end of the season.

Our best players
3 to Maynard thankfully he has found his mojo and l couldn’t be happier.
2 to Hoskin-Elliot he played the best game l have seen him play for a very long time and good on him.
1 to Daicos he really was everywhere and tries hard week in week out.
Crisp And Noble get a mention as well.

It will be a long year and we can only hope the new guys can improve each chance they get. Wilson was ordinary and Henry very quiet also. l do like Poulter and McCreery – they look ok. But Callum Brown needs to go and let someone else have a shot. He just refuses to kick the ball and we all know why – because he can’t kick it.

Looking forward to the mid season draft to see who they pick.

Recipe for this week

1 new president
4 new coaches  mid/forward/defence/ruck
2 to 3 good players
Mix them all together and voila
The premierships a cake walk for the good old Collingwood

Have a good week everyone.
Go Pies

SYDNEY                  1.2     4.3     7.7     10.12     (72)
COLLINGWOOD     4.2     4.4     4.6     5.12     (42)

Sydney: Heeney 3, Papley 2, Franklin 2, Warner, McLean, Blakey
Collingwood: De Goey 2, McCreery, Cameron, Hoskin-Elliott

Sydney: Mills, McInerney, Parker, Hickey, Heeney, Rampe
Collingwood: Hoskin-Elliott, Crisp, Maynard, Mayne, Sidebottom

Sydney: Nil
Collingwood: Nil

Sydney: James Bell (unused)
Collingwood: Jack Madgen (unused)

Crowd: 31,448 at the SCG

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