Round 7 – Richmond v Hawthorn: Oh Cyril

Cyril (to the music of ‘Errol’ by Australian Crawl)

Three early goals

The Tigers roll

Hawks need to get moving

Eagle eye

A cheeky smile

He’s going to get to y’a


His fleeting hands

A tiger lands

The ball spills out for-ward

Hawks scrap and hunt

A left-foot punt

Breust snaps through another


Woh, Cyril

We would give everything

Just to be like him


He had to go, Houli’s slow

and fumbling the sherrin

A sleight of hand, he’s thieved it back

And heading towards goal


A one-step punt

Cyril sends it on

Into the forward line

Like a courier

The parcel landed there

Luke Breust’s the collector


Oh, Cyril

We would give everything

Just to be like him

Oh, Cyril

We would give everything

Just to be like him


PS Feel a bit guilty about not posting something after the big loss to GWS. Maybe a dirge would have been appropriate.

About Gareth Meyer

Part-time food, wine and travel writer (and photographer), Hawks supporter since Huddo senior had the football on a string, proud owner of Martha the toy poodle.


  1. Oh McIntosh, I cannot stand, any more, of your tosh
    Oh Houli, you make me madly deeply truly
    Oh Morris, can your dad still come and play for us?
    Oh Chaplin – insert Almanackers here
    Oh B Ellis, your selection make some 20-gamers jealous
    Oh Deledio, your set shots come, and away they go
    Oh Batchelor, you’re a trier, but so is my spatula
    Oh Griffiths, where are you, be specific
    Oh Grigg, you always zag when you should zig
    Oh Hampson, you are no Todd Sampson

    Oh Richmond, I would give anything, just to be, rid of you…

  2. Oh Cyril. I would give anything, for me to meet him

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