Round 7 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: By the Time I Get to Barkers Rd, They’ll be Rising


We’re not going to have much time to watch this one. We’ve just finished a basketball game in Princes Hill, and trying to get over to the school fair, hopefully in time for #1 son’s band performance on the main stage.


The boy and I get to the car in time for the first bounce, but 3LO is talking about some other game between two struggling clubs at the MCG. We have to resort to the AFL app, which has the ABC’s Adelaide crew on duty. This could be bad. Not just a flogging, but smug Croweaters describing it to us.


We’re still on Pigdon Street, waiting at the lights across from the drive-in florist when Ben Cunnington kicks his first. They’re kicking to the Derwent River end. If the usual conditions are any guide it’s a good toss to win, and he’s curled it in from the pocket. I’ve heard Wagner’s name called a couple of times. He was in the emergencies. Who is he in for?


By the time we get to Piedimonte’s Waite is in on the act. Another set shot from the same pocket. Is it the same sort of wind we saw for the West Coast and Melbourne games the last couple of years? Can’t tell from the radio call.


Fitzroy High on our right and it’s Waite again! This is a really bright start. Going to need it.


Over Queens Parade and down Gold Street, Goldstein misses. Sounds like it should have been gettable. Going to need to kick straight to be in with a show.


Clarke makes amends from a stoppage along South Terrace. This traffic is going better than expected. Footy too.


I’m on autopilot, maybe distracted by the score. So used to going around the back way that I forget Hoddle Street is probably quicker today, so I head down Roseneath Street. We’re on Trennery Crescent right by Victoria Park when Higgins joins in the fun. A set shot from outside 50. He’s a good kick, but it still could be a sign that there’s a stiff breeze. Ride the good luck while it’s going our way. We’ll worry about holding on later.


Studley Park Road is uneventful. I reckon it might be better to avoid Kew Junction at this time on a Saturday. We can duck down Carson street to Barkers Road. As we pull around the corner Turner gets a free and goals. OK, this is getting out of hand. Adelaide haven’t even scored.


The junction might have been the better option. Carson Street is backed up with cars trying to turn right into the major road. Never like this on weekdays. Wood marks on the lead. Misses. Waite crumbs a pack. Goals!


Bloody hell, we’ve kicked 7 to none against the red hot ladder leaders. The commentators are stunned. I’m speechless. The boy has no idea what’s going on. Most of the players he knows are gone or out of the side – Boomer, Wellsy, Dal, Spud, Lindsay, Swallow, Nahas. Yes mate, that’s one of our players who kicked that one. Yep, he’s a good player. Yep, we’re thrashing the Crows. I can’t believe it either.


Wagner is off with an ankle and Brown has come off second best in a clash with the captain. Not the GWS sort of clash between teammates, an actual physical contest that they both attacked. Wouldn’t that just be so North: smashing it and then getting overrun with not enough fit men. Thankfully Brown made it back on, shoulder freshly strapped.


This traffic’s really crappy. The scoring has slowed down too but the Crows aren’t making any headway. When we finally get to the front of the queue and swing into Barkers Road, Froggy Dumont kicks our 8th. Another long bomb set shot. Tex and co will have a field day with this wind.


The tram terminus to our left, Mason Wood marks again and this time kicks truly. Nine.


There’s an overflow car park just before the school, and someone leaves a spot just as we arrive. Before I can kill the engine, Ziebell gets taken high and converts from the resulting free.


Ten goals. Ten goals four. Ten goals four to none. A complete smashing in every aspect. Might be the best first quarter North have played since I started watching them.


Because I’m a North supporter the first thing that comes into my head is not enjoying the next 3 quarters of a smashing, but 2001 and that game against Essendon. It can be grim alone with your thoughts like that. But the car park attendant also barracks for North. He’s just heard the score and we take a moment to enjoy this for whatever it is. I needed that.


The Crows started the 2nd quarter like we feared they might and would challenge a couple of times in the second and third, but North were too switched on, recovering to snuff out any threats. 59 points in the end. Go Roos.


We missed the Year 8 Stage Band’s set, but one of the other dads apparently recorded it. Had plenty to talk about in the drive home anyway.


  1. Oh happy days!
    And who said driving in Melbourne was a problem?!

  2. matt watson says:

    Driving, domestic chores and sheer boredom are all made better when your team is winning. And then wins….

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