Round 7 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: 2 Points are better than 0


2 Points Are Better Than 0


North Melbourne versus Adelaide

1.45pm, Saturday 6 May

Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Aidan Hammond Aged 11


It had to. It was going to. But it’s ok if I don’t want it to. I want the Crows to never lose a game for the rest of their history until the sun explodes. Ok that is not realistic. Only 4.5 billion years off. Well it had to happen, I would’ve liked the title of the Crows who didn’t lose a game in ’17 but no. In the morning I had tennis, so it was my first game of green ball tennis. Last season I played orange ball tennis which was basically a 3 quarter court with a ball that is 50 percent compressed rather than a ball that is the professional yellow ball which is a hundred percent compressed. I and my other teammates, Charlie and Mitchell, should’ve been in green ball all season.


We won every match to the championship of the orange ball div. 2 premiers. Good Title! So with both of the teammates not doing winter tennis I am left with 2 new players. I am nervous because I have never played a green ball game ever, and I also have 2 new teammates and I don’t know how they are. First I arrive with my grandpa and I look around. I go inside the clubrooms at a new venue that I have never played at before. Athelstone. It is 6 nice tennis courts hidden away in a suburban area in Athelstone with a main road nowhere to be seen or heard.


The Club owner talks us through everything, he talks for a long time. We are up against Rostrevor. They came 4th last year so they aren’t that bad, but they’re not as good as East Torrens Kensington Gardens, seeing from the 6-1 6-1 6-1 match score! That felt good. I am really high, and feeling brilliant, the Crows have North Melbourne, easy beat this is going to be the best day ever, maybe after the game I can top it off with some Big Bang Theory or watching the Power lose against West Coast. Wow! I just figured out how to make a folder with a password. We’re having mortadella for lunch. This is the best day ever. Norwood are playing as well! Against Centrals, oh this is going to be so good I am so excited.


2 hours later. What no. No. This is a joke. 1 and 5 what? 6 and 0. No. But, but we beat Tigers. But this can’t be happening oh! At this point in the report I realise that the language would not be appropriate. That was my report from my head that had to end early. I had to wait 48 hours to write this report in a civilised manner. In the first quarter North Melbourne come out dashing. With a very good quarter of 64 that left the Crows not being able to score on zero. Seems like the Crows got over themselves and were the hare of this game. But the Kangaroos were the tortoise of the game. Only 1 and 5 they jump out at the Crows. The 2nd quarter the Crows could still win, they probably need a minimum deficit of 30. For the rest of the game, the Crows win, by 5 points.


You could take that out of it, but you can’t overlook the 1st quarter. If anyone can solve a first quarter problem, it is Don Pyke. He is very relaxed and doesn’t panic. After the game I am not very happy but the Redlegs win which lifts my sprit enough to go out to the park and play footy. It is fun and I basically forget about the Crows. After that I get home and blob in front of Big Bang. Can’t be bothered to watch the Power lose. Hopefully the Walkerville Cats do better than the Crows. I going to get a good night sleep.


I wake up in the morning and I get ready for footy. Guernsey on, Skins on, shorts on, socks up, mouthguard in, bottle filled, boots tied. Ready to crush Tea Tree Gully. In the first quarter we are behind 6-0, I have 7 disposals playing as a defensive midfielder. In the second quarter, I am on the bench we lead 13-12 in the third quarter I am attacking midfielder and I get 7 disposals and we lead 19-13. In the last quarter I am a defensive midfielder and I get 7 disposals. We draw 20-20. It was a very good game, I am kind of disappointed but then I look on the bright side, 2 points are better than 0.


NORTH MELBOURNE   10.4   12.6   17.12   22.13   (145)
ADELAIDE                       0.0     5.6      9.7     13.8      (86)


North Melbourne: Waite 6, Higgins 2, Dumont 2, Wood 2, Brown 2, Cunnington 2, Ziebell, Clarke, Turner, McDonald, Hrovat, Atley
Adelaide: Betts 3, Cameron 2, Jenkins 2, Douglas 2, Lever, Walker, Jacobs, Atkins

North Melbourne: Waite, Cunnington, Wood, Tarrant, Thompson, Goldstein
Adelaide: M Crouch, Douglas, Laird, Jacobs


North Melbourne: Wagner (ankle)
Adelaide: Lynch (concussion)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Chamberlain, Fleer, Mollison

Official crowd: 10,064 at Blundstone Arena

About Aidan Hammond

Walkerville footy and cricket, ETKG Tennis. Go Crows, Redlegs, Strikers, Andy Murray, Manchester United and Australia in every sport. Adelaide, SA.


  1. Do you think Crows will bounce back against the Demons? Please Comment Below!

  2. Dave Brown says:

    They bloomin’ well better, Aidan

  3. Mark Duffett says:

    What Dave said. They simply have to.

  4. Rulebook says:

    The Redlegs were the highlight of the week end,Aidan and a draw is a hell of a lot better than a 1 point loss.I think Sat night will be a close game 2 big outs for us and I rate Kent highly who has come in for the dees.

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